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Janina Knörzer

Student, Trinity College Dublin
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Beverly Genockey

Zoology Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a third year Zoology student at Trinity College Dublin. My research project aims to determine the most abundant plant species in Dublin City and analyse their functional traits to make inferences about these species' suitability for use as nature-based solutions, which is a newly proposed concept for simultaneously regreening cities through the use of nature to combat socio-environmental and climate-related problems.
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Aaron Koay

M.Pharm. Student; Intern Pharmacist; Incoming Population Health PhD Scholar, Trinity College Student

I am a Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm.) Student at Trinity College Dublin with a strong interest in global/population health, health services, preventive medicine, natural products, and sustainable development. For my Laidlaw research project, I investigated the therapeutic potential of a natural-occurring vitamin called ergothioneine, mostly found in mushrooms, on the development of idiopathic and bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in vitro; PI: Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt. Beyond that, I have had extensive research experiences across multiple fields, including medical humanities, digital archival research, plant metabolomics, travel health and pharmacy practice. In Sep 2020, I will embark on an interdisciplinary Population Health PhD between Medication Management and Organisational Psychology at Trinity. The PhD project will aim to explore medication practices and safety vulnerabilities in lay people through the lens of system-based thinking. During my free time, you'll most likely find me practising yoga and meditation in my room! If you're interested to have a chat about anything, don't hesitate to drop a line! Look forward to hearing from you! :)
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Sina Fayaz Monfared

Student , Columbia University

Since Israel’s foundation in 1948, the Chief Rabbinate has solely overseen the matters of divorce, marriage, and inheritance for all Israeli Jews irrespective of their religiosity. According to Pew, a plurality of Israeli Jews, almost 40 percent, self-identifies as secular. Nonetheless, state-appointed religious authorities regulate some of the most intimate matters of this nonreligious plurality. My research will revolve around this duality. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I will explore how the secular segment of Israeli society has submitted to disproportionate power of the Rabbinate for the past 71 years. The conflict between secular and religious forces sparks my intellectual curiosity as I myself experienced it growing up in a secular family in Iran. Contrary to Israel, Iran is a repressive theocracy with rogue elections and a totalitarian government. These factors enable religion to suppress secularism. In every contest, religion defeats secularism. However, Israel and Iran have two radically different systems of government. Unlike Iran, Israel is a parliamentary republic with free, contested elections. Theoretically, the largest portion of the populace, the 40-percent secular segment, should wield the most power. But that is not the case. For 72 years, the Rabbinate has exerted a profound influence on the daily lives of both 40-percent secular and the rest of Israeli Jewry. Yes, one can say, similar to Iran, religion defeats secularism in Israel as well. But it makes sense that a theocracy, Iran, would prefer religion to win. What is incredibly perplexing, and intellectually provocative, is why and how a liberal democracy, Israel, with a secular plurality, would allow religion to prevail. The causes behind and the future of the Rabbinate’s disproportionate power in democratic Israel greatly entice my intellectual curiosity. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I am seeking to examine this religious-secular conundrum in Israel.
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Matt Fry


I'm a chemist at the University of St Andrews, but in my time here I've dabbled in several different subject areas: Spanish, Italian, Maths and Computer Science as well as Chemistry. Although these seem quite different fields, they share a commonality, in that there is some formal grammar underpinning each of them. If you understand the rules, you can manipulate these tools to accomplish a certain goal - be that synthesising a particular molecule or having a conversation. I'm a keen linguist, having spent time teaching English in one of the top private schools in Spain, and regularly attend evening Italian classes. I enjoy most areas of Chemistry, particularly organic mechanism and fluorescence - hence the focus of my project. I'm always looking for new opportunties inside or outside the lab, and would like to explore the field of patent law as I think it fuses my interests quite nicely. It'd be great to meet any like minded people, so feel free to send me a message!
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Isaac Bateman

Student, St Andrews

Laidlaw Scholar at the University of St Andrews. Studying for an MA in Philosophy and International Relations. My research interest is in political philosophy particularly looking into the construction of political identities. I am also an editor of 'Aporia' the St Andrews undergraduate journal of Philosophy and will take over as editor in chief from September 2020.
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Yung-Hsuan Wu

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi, I'm Yung-Hsuan from the beautiful Formosa Taiwan! I'm a political science student double majoring in economics, learning 3 languages (French, Stata, and R), and aiming to become an international politics analyst. Drop me an email anytime!
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Gráinne Sexton

Undergraduate researcher , School of English, Trinity College Dublin

Student of English Literature/History at Trinity College Dublin. My research explores the nature of borders and boundaries in the literature of indigenous American communities, with a particular focus on the work of contemporary Native American author Leslie Marmon Silko. The project has thus far involved collaboration with leading scholars of Native American studies from across the UK and United States. In summer 2020, I shall travel to Yale University to conduct archival research.
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Shane Coleman Macken

Auditor of the Dublin University History Society, School of English, Trinity College Dublin

I am an English Literature and History student in Trinity College Dublin. My research under the Laidlaw Programme regards Tony Kushner's 1991 play Angels in America, and its role in deconstructing the homogenous queer identity. This summer, I will carry out close textual analysis of the play, consult criticism of Kushner's work, and apply leading queer literary theorists' work to Angels in America. In Summer 2021, I hope to travel to the US to conduct a study of Kushner's work in diversifying understandings of what it means to be queer, and organise a theatre workshop of the play's key scenes.
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Joel McKeever

Student Employability Officer, Trinity College Dublin

Joel is the Student Employability Officer and supports the development of Careers activities, in particular the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme, and the Trinity Employability Awards. He is a graduate of Trinity, receiving a B.A in English Studies and a Master in Arts from the University. Joel has been actively engaged in the campus community over the years, contributing to a variety of projects related to developing world quality support services for students, and advocating to ensure Trinity’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Prior to joining the Careers Service, Joel worked with the Office of Global Relations in introducing the Campus Visit and Global Room programmes, and in Academic Registry as Communications, HR and Admin Manager with a focus on improving the online and in-person student experience. Joel is the founder and former Chair (2016-2018) of Trinity’s LGBT Staff Network.
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Emma Franck-Gwinnell (she/her)

Incoming Trainee Solicitor, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

I am one of the Co-Presidents of the Laidlaw Alumni Society - please get in touch if you're interested in organising any events or initiatives with the Society, including through the Career Panel Series. I'm passionate about entrepreneurialism, women into business, sustainable and innovative business and ending slavery in supply chains. Since February 2020, I've been studying the Legal Practice Course in London, and will be joining Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP as a Trainee Solicitor in August 2020. I graduated from Durham University in July 2019. I completed my Undergraduate Scholarship in 2018; my research focused on legislation which requires organisations to disclose the efforts they are making to fight modern slavery in their supply chains, and whether this legislation is effective. Spoiler alert: it's not! I grew up in Norway and the UK, and spent two years studying at Li Po Chun UWC in Hong Kong prior to my Bachelors degree in the UK.
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Ana Sainz de Murieta

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I’m a 2nd-year Theoretical Physics student at Trinity College Dublin. For my research project, I will analyse data from the Zwicky Transient Factory to establish a relation between supernova explosions and their host galaxies and determine a subsample of Type Ia Supernovae that will help us constrain the origin of dark energy.
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Jin Zhe Ang

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

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Lucija Sili

Pharmacy Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am an incoming MPharm student at Trinity College Dublin. From my entire Academic experience I have gained a clear, logical mind and a drive to see things through the completion. As an outgoing, energetic and charismatic student I seek to expand my social and professional network and engage with peers and experts alike. I am a well-rounded and self-aware person, always willing to meet new people from different backgrounds of the globe. I have a keen interest in pharmaceutics, accompanied with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.