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Jun 20, 2023

Near Peer Mentoring Initiative for Laidlaw Scholars and Alumni

Ariella Lang presented the Near Peer Mentoring Initiative last week during the Global Induction Session. If you are interested to join, please complete this form. "The goal of the Near Peer Mentoring Initiative is to connect Laidlaw Scholars and alumni from different universities and different cohorts with one another. We seek to match you with 4-6 Scholars in related fields, whose academic and professional interests may provide opportunities for conversation, connection and collaboration. These conversations may serve as an incubator for further research; and for students hoping to pursue an independent LiA, these connections may provide a foothold to explore opportunities available in another country, in collaboration with another Laidlaw program." If you have questions, or are unable to access this form, feel free to e-mail Ariella: al223@columbia.edu.

About this room

This room provides a space for Laidlaw Scholars and Alumni from EPFL to showcase research and connect with peers.