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About Shane Coleman Macken

I am a third year English Literature and History student in Trinity College Dublin. My research under the Laidlaw Programme focuses on Tony Kushner's 1991 play Angels in America, and its role in deconstructing the homogenous queer identity. During my first summer, I will carried out close textual analysis of the play, consulted criticism of Kushner's work, and applied leading queer literary theorists' work to Angels in America. In Summer 2021, I will be working with the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival to produce an anthology of plays by Irish based queer playwrights as well as online productions during Dublin Pride. (he/him)

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Poster Arts Diversity and Inclusion LGBT+

Research Poster: 'Playing Sexuality: The Role of Contemporary Drama in Diversifying Understandings of Queer Identities'

Poster presentation on 'Angels in America' and the concept of a homogenous queer identity.

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May 18, 2020
Replying to Nikol Chen

So fascinating, Shane, thank you for sharing!! Embarrassed to admit that I've never heard of Angels in America before reading this, but it is going straight onto my to-read list!

I'm so happy you enjoyed Nikol! I cannot stress enough how beautiful the play is. If you're interested, there's a HBO TV adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Al Pacione as well. It is a great binge and very close to the source material! 


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