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I am a final-year undergraduate scholar pursuing a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of York. Besides being a scholar, I am the Arts and Humanities Subject Lead on the Scholar's Network and the 2020-22 Arts and Humanities faculty rep at the University of York! My first summer of research was based in phonetics, entitled 'The untapped potential of human language: Investigating the perception of typologically unattested and rare sounds'. In it, I get to look at phonemes that are not commonly found in speech, if at all!

My Leadership in Action project was based around the experiences of students with disabilities and long-term health conditions when accessing Higher Education in the UK. I'm currently creating teacher training based on the paper I wrote for this project, and working with UCAS to help inform UK university admissions policy. 

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Entrepreneurship Humanities Leadership

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Houseplants/gardening Reading Theatre

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New Arts and Humanities Scholars- Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the Laidlaw Scholarship! I'm Cath, the subject lead for Arts and Humanities. Today I just want to let you know about the opportunities available to you in the A+H subject room, as well as events and opportunities.

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Recent Comments

Sep 24, 2021

This is such a great spotlight guys! I always love talking to Roberta about research, uni, and life at coffee hours. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week :)

Jul 29, 2021

This is really well said Roberta! I had to write an abstract recently which had to be accessible to an international audience and actually found it to be one of my trickiest tasks to date. Accessibility to research is a skill which is incredibly hard to master! 

I think others would find this really useful so please feel free to link this article in the Discord for maximum visibility :)

Comment on Research Blogging
Jul 23, 2021
Replying to Cath Brislane

This is great Mia! You are more than free to share this blog on the Discord so that has better visibility to arts and humanities scholars. Best of luck with the rest of our research period!

Of course Mia! If you drop me a message I'll send you the Discord link :)

Jul 21, 2021

This is so great Emily, I'm loving the format! 

As someone who had to do this kind of study last year I'll let you know now that running any audio through Qualtrics in the Safari browser can cause a world of pain. Before releasing your survey be sure to add something to change their browser if they're on Safari! It will save you a world of hurt later on :)

Jul 19, 2021

This is a great stream of consciousness Shehnaz! Remember to take a break if you need to, and don't overwhelm yourself by trying to include everything in your research. It is important that you draw boundaries with your research like you would with anything else in life in order to look after yourself- remember that. 

Well done on all of your work so far, it really is great to see what you are getting up to :)

Jul 19, 2021

This is great Shehnaz! I was in a similar position last year. After having my original research compromised due to the pandemic, I had to learn R from scratch and it was tough at first, but you definitely learn a lot after coming out of the other side. 

Best of luck with your research- you've got this!

Jul 19, 2021

This is a very ambitious and noble research proposal Nathan! It will be very interesting to look into how these issues are treated across the world. If you need any help with finding UK statistics I may be able to help, so please let me know if that would be of use. 

Best of luck, I'm excited to see where this research goes! :)

Comment on Research Blogging
Jul 19, 2021

This is great Mia! You are more than free to share this blog on the Discord so that has better visibility to arts and humanities scholars. Best of luck with the rest of our research period!


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