Rucha Benare (she/her)

Biomedical engineering research student, Trinity College Dublin
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About Rucha Benare (she/her)

I am a fourth-year undergraduate interested in fields such as mechnobiology, biohybrid prosthetics, biophysics, psychlogy, and philosophy. One of my biomedical engineering projects is currently with Laidlaw at Trinity College Dublin, where we are working on developing a microphysiological model of the osteocytic network in bone that can be used to better understand the (patho)physiology of bone using Direct Laser Writing technology. Please feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn for any discussions regarding the aforementioned topics!

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Undergraduate Scholar

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Biomedical Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Engineering Leadership Technology

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Biomedical Sciences Engineering

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Trinity College Dublin

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English German Hindi Marathi

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