Technology and globalisation are changing the way we work. The world is a melting pot for trade and cultural exchange, and networking is becoming more important than ever.

In addition to building research and leadership capability, the Laidlaw Foundation aims to create a global network of current and past scholars, providing an opportunity for mentorship and connection. This is why we created the Laidlaw Scholars Network - a social utility tool that enables undergraduate scholars, business school scholars, and their supporting faculty and partners to share their expertise, meet ambitious peers and collaborate on research projects to inspire change for a better present.

We are bringing together people and organisations with a well-rounded set of skills and values to help Scholars develop the right blend of knowledge and experience, which would allow them to fulfil their true potential in whatever career they choose. Those who go on to become leaders around the world will be able to share their experiences and expertise, reinvesting in the network that is accessed by becoming a Laidlaw Scholar.

Connect and engage with a new generation of adaptive, passionate and committed leaders, and reinvest your skills, knowledge and experience to help others succeed.