Introducing Princess - Our New Community and Project Management Executive

Thrilled to introduce our new Community and Project Management Executive, Princess Agina, an exceptional Laidlaw Scholarship alumna from Oxford's Saïd Business School. In this video, she discusses frogs, her Nigerian and Jamaican roots, and her super power with the equally wonderful Nikol Chen.

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As a general rule, I don’t like recruiting. It is at once incredibly time-consuming and stressful. You are bringing someone into your team who you hope, based on all your careful selection criteria, will be a high-performing, synergy-producing addition, but you don’t actually have any proof until they start. Plus, you make just one person very happy whilst disappointing everyone else who applied. 

Then, there is the exception that proves the rule. I am delighted to announce that our very own extraordinary Laidlaw Scholar, Princess Agina, is our new Community and Project Management Executive. As you will hear in this wonderful quick introduction video with Nikol, she is the perfect fit for the role. She is brilliant, bold, and full of energy and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see how she develops the whole Laidlaw community – creating connections and conversations between all our current Scholars, Trailblazers and alumni.

Princess is also a Fulbright Scholar and worked for both Teach for America and the Peace Corps. As a Community Development, Housing and Education Policy Fellow at the Urban Leaders Fellowship, she co-created new local and state government policies for primary and secondary school admissions and conducted measurement and evaluation studies to gauge effectiveness. 

Princess will be taking a lead role in assessing the Foundation’s various Leadership in Action partners and their programmes, ensuring that they are community-led and serving, delivering both leadership learning and systemic impact. 

Please join me in welcoming Princess to the Foundation and do reach out to her with your ideas for developing the Laidlaw Scholars Network and Leadership in Action partnerships.

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