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I work in UCL Education and Student Affairs at UCL as a Project Manager. Our office has responsibility for improvements in education and the student experience, including the integration of teaching and research. I have managed high profile projects including a Graduate Support Scheme and a Review of Postgraduate Education. I currently manage the day to day administration of the Laidlaw Programme.

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Sep 03, 2020

Very interesting article - thanks!  It's great to read your comparisons of previous big stars of opera with the current great singers, and see differing ways they approach their media profile with the developments in technology.  I have found the recent free streaming of operas from the Met, Glyndebourne and Covent Garden to be an amazing way to access works I had never seen before.  It's very noticeable how technological improvements in cameras and microphones too have made this a much better experience since the early Pavarotti performances from the Met 40 years ago.