Princess Agina (She/Her)

Community and Project Management Executive, Laidlaw Foundation

About Princess Agina

Embracing the vibrant world of the Laidlaw Foundation, first as a Laidlaw Scholar at Oxford University and now as the Community and Project Management Executive, has been an exciting journey. Nurturing our vast online community, working closely with partners, and supporting internal projects are just a few highlights of my role at the Foundation. Working at the Foundation and on my startup ConnectU is something that I cherish.

Off-duty, I'm often found at the pianošŸŽ¹, mesmerized in a theatrešŸŽ­, or painting away the night with friendsšŸŽØ.  If our paths align in interests or work, why not connect? Ping me, and let's connect on LinkedIn.

I am a/an:

Staff Member/Trustee of the Laidlaw Foundation Women In Business Scholar


University of Oxford

Laidlaw Cohort Year


Research Topic

Business & Management

Area of Expertise

Business and Management Diversity and Inclusion Entrepreneurship

I am from:

United States of America

I speak:

English Spanish

My hobbies/interests are:

Dance Foreign languages Gym Meditation Music Spirituality Travelling Volunteering Yoga

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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Comment on LiA Poster
Sep 26, 2023

Impressive journey, Chan! šŸŒŸ The diversified range of activities from cleaning Xochimilco's canals to engaging with indigenous communities, and spearheading a food waste management workshop depict such a holistic approach towards grasping and addressing sustainability issues. It's evident that your time in Mexico City was not only impactful but also a profound learning experience.

Comment on Research Poster
Sep 26, 2023

What a cool poster! Very visually engaging. The debate surrounding TikTok’s potential ban and its implications on freedom, privacy, and political perspectives is very much the zeitgeist of our times, and your project casts a much-needed scholarly lens on it. Insightful work!

Sep 26, 2023

Firstly, kudos on the marvellous work you showcased at the Qatar Youth Power Conference 2023--the way you've elucidated your experience is nothing short of inspirational.

Your narrative about managing multiple roles, working through administrative intricacies, and eventually moderating a thought-provoking panel discussion is a testament to the ever-evolving journey of a young leader. The question you posed about whether leaders are born or grown is a timeless one, and it's heartening to see it being discussed with fresh perspectives!

Sep 26, 2023

Wow, this is such a comprehensive and insightful analysis of such a critical issue. The challenges faced by reentering individuals are complex and often overlooked, and it's excellent to see such a thorough investigation into this area. Kudos, Victor!

Sep 20, 2023

Thoroughly insightful read! It's heartening to see such a holistic take on your experience at DG-INTPA. Your perspective on the dynamic between the EU and its partner nations, especially emphasizing the notion of partnership over donor/recipient relationships, is particularly enlightening. It's evident that opportunities like these can be transformational when approached with the right mindset and mentorship. Kudos to you for seizing it and thank you for sharing your journey!

Sep 20, 2023

Intriguing analysis, Aleena! The juxtaposition of India's strategic objectives with the often-overlooked human narratives of Jammu and Kashmir offers a fresh perspective--and the focus on how development projects can be used as tools of control is particularly enlightening. Kudos!

Sep 20, 2023

Andrew, thank you for sharing this insightful reflection on Charles Osgood's poem--It brilliantly underscores the nuances of leadership, collective responsibility, and the pitfalls of assumption and serves as a reminder that inaction can often stem from mere miscommunication or misplaced expectations. I also appreciate your take on balancing personal responsibilities with community involvement – a delicate equilibrium that every leader, in any capacity, strives to achieve. It's a lesson many of us need to hear, digest, and apply in our professional and personal spheres!

Sep 15, 2023

Inspiring work, Oliwia! Your dedication to the cause of civic society in Poland shines through in every week's activity. The Congress is poised to make a significant impact, and your role in it is commendable. Best wishes for the event!