Alexander Stanley

Programme Director (Sept 2021-Feb 2024), Laidlaw Foundation

About Alexander Stanley

Alex was the Programme Director of the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme from September 2021 - February 2024. 

Prior to joining the Laidlaw Foundation Alex spent over a decade at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, where he most recently managed the university’s Laidlaw Scholars Programme. In addition, Alex taught leadership courses and guest-lectured internationally on the subjects of strategy and leadership.

A bilingual speaker, dual national and keen traveller, Alex has lived, visited and worked in several countries around the world. During this time, he has had a unique opportunity to encounter and explore different cultures and working environments, experiencing first-hand what good leadership can achieve. His passion for this topic is driven by these experiences and a desire to challenge people to unlock their full leadership potential.

Alex holds an MBA from the Open University and a Master of Research in Management from the University of St Andrews. He has also obtained Associate Fellow status with the Higher Education Academy. In his spare time, Alex is an avid skier and volunteers with a local guide dog organisation.

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Nov 16, 2023

Amazing news and congratulations @Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa!

May 18, 2023

Well done Victoria and thank you for sharing your experience here as well. What use is our research if we do not share and discuss it more widely - and some fantastic opportunities to develop some of your leadership skills here. Have you thought about how else you might continue the conversation around your research in the future?

Apr 03, 2023

What a fantastic achievement for your research Claire - well done! I wish I could come over to Scotland to see it live - hopefully, you can take some pictures or perhaps a video you can share with everyone who is too far away.

Comment on Lessons From Fiji
Feb 21, 2023

Bula Mindy,
Thank you so much for sharing some insights into your Fiji experience. Great to hear the time to reflect helped you to identify some of the critical aspects that we hope everyone takes away from their Leadership in Action experience - living and learning from others, appreciating the similarities and differences, and developing an understanding of how you can interact respectfully while still staying true to yourself within a setting that is entirely different to what you are used to. I hope your experience has shown you what amazing things you are capable of and that it encourages you to seek out many more such challenges in the future.
Vinaka vakalevu.


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