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About Lorna Pepperill

I'm Lorna and I'm studying Combined Hons in Social Sciences at Durham University. My subjects include sociology, politics and anthropology with a core interest in theories as well as social division. 

I am devoted to discovering and understanding the structures and relationships that govern our lives and society. Through learning and applying sociological, political and anthropological theories I believe we can uncover not only valuable but also critical information on how we interact with society and vice versa. 

My summer research topic explores if the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced how one views their body and health and whether this influence is gendered. Through questioning people's changing relationships to food, exercise and social media throughout the lockdowns, I aim to begin to unearth the entanglement of unprecedented social phenomena and body image. 

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Undergraduate Scholar

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Politics Social Sciences

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Health Politics Sociology

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Durham University

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United Kingdom

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Cooking/Baking Pets Podcasts Politics & current events Reading Swimming

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