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My name is Sophia Brousset and I am a Peruvian-American student at the University of St Andrews studying International Relations and Social Anthropology. I am fluent in Spanish and have lived in four countries (the UK, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA). Growing up in Peru, a country with a great amount of gender inequality, sparked an absorption in the feminist cause at a young age. This flame has not burnt out, and, amalgamated with my academic interest in international relations, resulted in an interest in understanding patriarchy as a global power structure.

My research explores the Incan Empire's positive view of female homosexuality, exploring how their diverse understandings of gender influenced these views on sexuality. It will also consider how La Conquista's use of a European lens and translation when documenting the Incas resulted in the erasure of much of the sexual and gender diversity which existed throughout Incan Peru.

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