Richita Chandrashekar Kudlamath

President, Laidlaw Alumni Society (East Asia Chapter)

About Richita Chandrashekar Kudlamath

I am a final year Business student at the University of Hong Kong. I am also the President of the Laidlaw Alumni Society (East Asia Chapter). So please feel free to hit me up regarding any ideas you may have! I am a firm believer that Business can be used to lift people's lives up and that was my primary objective behind choosing my degree. I believe that by bringing together bright minds for a program (like the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and leadership program), the foundation is doing an excellent job at making a positive impact in the world. I am passionate about Women in Business and promoting its objectives. I have taken part in many different programs but my collaboration with the Laidlaw Foundation has been a life changing experience and I am seeking to give back to this community in anyway possible. I enjoy public speaking, dancing, having conversations with a wide range of people and solo traveling. My experiences have led me to believe in the power of ambition and the Laidlaw Foundation has always given me access to different platforms to achieve my own ambitions. If you'd like to have a conversation about absolutely anything, feel free to hit me up!


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