This is a space for the alumni of the Laidlaw Scholarship programme (both Undergraduate and Women's Business Education) to network, interact with each other, and update the Laidlaw community on your achievements. 

We welcome posts (of all formats) and discussions focused on your leadership journey, research advancement, and personal & professional development.

Laidlaw Scholars Alumni Society Survey

Dear Laidlaw Alumni, we would like to invite you to participate in the Laidlaw Scholars Alumni Society Survey. We would love to hear your opinion, so that you can benefit from the Society in the best way. Complete the survey by 24th April for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!
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Apr 08, 2020

About this room

This Room aims to promote useful collaboration and engagement in productive discussions among former #LaidlawScholars. 

Create a post or start a conversation in this Room to let us know what you have accomplished since completing the scholarship programme, how you are living the Laidlaw values of being ambitious, brave, curious, determined, extraordinary and fast, and which global challenges you are taking on as a next generation leader. 

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