Aya Hammad

Medical student, University of York

About Aya Hammad

I'm a medical student at the University of York interested in immunology, public health, as well as education and leadership within health care! My research project is about understanding how mutations in immune cells impact a certain group of rare bone marrow disorders (MPNs) that can lead to cancer.

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


University of York

Laidlaw Cohort Year


Research Topic

Biological Sciences Biomedical Sciences Medical Sciences Medicine

Area of Expertise

Biomedical Sciences Medicine

I am from:

Egypt United Arab Emirates

I speak:

Arabic English

My hobbies/interests are:

Cooking/Baking Film & TV Hiking/walking Ice skating Meditation Photography Podcasts Reading Travelling Volunteering

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


Intro Content

Proposal Biomedical Sciences Biological Sciences Health

Understanding Immune cell Dysfunction in MPNs - Research project overview

Hey everyone! Here is an overview and brief outline of my research project for this summer. The title is "Understanding immune cell dysfunction in the Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs)". I will be working in a lab to mainly characterise macrophage populations in various mouse models of MPNs.

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Leadership Medicine & Health STEM Research

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Leadership-in-Action 2022

Recent Comments

Aug 17, 2022

Thank you so much for this! I love the insight and how I get to relive the experience through this amazing video!

Comment on Research Poster
Sep 11, 2021

This is an incredibly well-made and thorough poster! I can't wait for the day that I get to wear a shirt made of a fabric-based TEG material...

Jul 18, 2021
Replying to Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

Hi Hammad! What a great reflection! I enjoyed reading everything, thanks for sharing how you are constantly learning and how you are experiencing the positive change of mindset... This is so inspiring:)

Hello! Thank you so much Inkindi, I am so glad you found it of value!!

Jul 18, 2021

This blog was incredibly insightful Emma! I found it so easy to lose myself researching down rabbit holes as well, I guess knowing when to stop is also part of the process.

Jul 16, 2021
Replying to Emma Merryweather

This is such an eloquent reflection of the doubts and drives that I can also attest to in my first two weeks! It's also so inspiring to see how your awareness of your experiences has helped you to form a stronger mindset.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It's comforting to know we have such shared experiences!


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