Fatima Formuli

Student Researcher, University of Toronto
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About Fatima Formuli

Hi! I'm an undergraduate scholar from the University of Toronto and am interested in inclusion and mental health. With my research project, I hope to explore how we improve mental health support and treatments to make them more accessible and inclusive of Canadian Muslims. Beyond my research interests, I enjoy connecting with people and learning from people's diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. I'm a keen listener and love learning new things!

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Scholar

Area of Expertise

Coaching and Mentoring Diversity and Inclusion Humanities Leadership Social Sciences

Research Topic

Arabic and Islamic Studies Identity & Belonging Mental Health Psychology

Laidlaw Cohort Year



University of Toronto

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I speak:

English Persian

My hobbies/interests are:

Hiking/walking Houseplants/gardening Nature & environment Volunteering

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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Social Sciences Research

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University of Toronto

Recent Comments

May 30, 2022

Super stoked for you Aly, sounds like a jam packed summer! Amazing how far Laidlaw can take us, all the best :D

Apr 24, 2022

This is a really interesting project to make/test the validity of the Dr Vancleef visual perception screening test for Fillipinos. All the best Paulina!

Mar 08, 2022

Love your leadership tips, especially "Lead by example. Do not ask anything of people that you yourself would not be willing to do."

Whenever I work with people in a leadership role, I try to be compassionate and think about their skills and strengths before assigning tasks. Not only does this make them more likely to follow through with the task, but it also shows that I believe in them to do this task. 

Mar 08, 2022

Great tips for group work! I think this will be me when I'm doing my thesis next year 😅

Feb 27, 2022

We need more programs like these!!! 🙌

Feb 07, 2022

Interesting work! Informal carers are super important in research, not only do they support the mental health of those they care for but they also have to deal with the emotional toll caring has on their own mental health. Hopefully more informal carers can give feedback on how systems can support their needs better

Nov 21, 2021

I love the diversity of Laidlaw Scholars' project experiences!

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