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I am the leadership developer for the University of Leeds. I am passionate about learning and ways in which we can all bring more of our true selves to work. I am keen to open dialogues about how leadership can be both effective and human in the 21st Century. My influences include a quote I learnt whilst studying to be a teacher at university "there is no liberating influence than the knowledge that things have not always been as they are and need not remain so." (Simon. B.) So, you can see that as leaders of the future Laidlaw Scholars can bring about positive and lasting change - and how great that is!
My qualifications include: BEd Hons,, MSc, CIPD Dip, ILM L5 Coaching & Mentoring, PG Cert Counselling, FHEA. I am accredited to run Quintax personality profile, PPA, TMSDI Team Profile, EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence.

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University of Leeds

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Education Mental Health Psychology

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Business and Management Coaching and Mentoring Leadership

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United Kingdom

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Football (soccer) Foreign languages Meditation Music Running/jogging Skiing

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Recent Comments

Aug 02, 2023

Hey Ella, this is such a rich and meaningful reflection - well done! I don't like airports either .... all those gate numbers...rules about what can be carried onboard, security checks, documentation.....etc. I recently had a 50 minute connection time from landing at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam to finding my gate to then fly on to Dusseldorf. Just like you, finding and speaking to others was the key to keeping my balance. By asking around, I found another passenger who had the same crazy connection time...and we joined forces and found the gate, just in time, together!
Your post made me think about the social aspects of leading. And how our co-workers and team members can have a massive influence on our motivation and ability to get things done. And as leaders we can bring people together to have those conversations and share the ups and downs of work. I loved the part about sharing lunch together, sharing a joke and the importance of humour! 
Thanks for sharing!

Jun 23, 2023

Good luck Holly with this important project. I hope your internship goes well. Keep in touch with us all. Best wishes, Marcus

Jun 13, 2023

Hi Fatima, Beccy and I from Leeds enjoyed meeting Shradda last week in London. Gulana and Sarah- scholars from Leeds are doing their LiA at Muslim welfare and are travelling next week. Maybe you'll get to meet them?

Best wishes


Jun 13, 2023

Hi Kate I am the leadership developer at Leeds. Anxiety management and emotional literacy seem really interconnected. We look at emotional literacy on our Leadership development workshops. I'd be interested in any views you have?

Best wishes


May 17, 2023

The BCUR is an excellent showcase for UG Research and a big well done to you, Victoria,  for being selected. I hope you enjoyed the experience and can take what you learnt into future leadership roles. :)