Opera’s ‘Influencers’

The use of technology in opera has been ubiquitous since opera premiered on stages in the seventeenth century. Centuries later, opera has been challenged to prove its relevancy, accessibility, and appeal to broad audiences in today’s world by employing new technologies, such as social media.

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Christine Natalie Sutcliffe

Student, University of Toronto


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Christopher Cullen 24 days ago

Very interesting article - thanks!  It's great to read your comparisons of previous big stars of opera with the current great singers, and see differing ways they approach their media profile with the developments in technology.  I have found the recent free streaming of operas from the Met, Glyndebourne and Covent Garden to be an amazing way to access works I had never seen before.  It's very noticeable how technological improvements in cameras and microphones too have made this a much better experience since the early Pavarotti performances from the Met 40 years ago.