Individual Leadership-in-Action Suggestions

Individual Leadership-in-Action Suggestions

This room contains the contact details of individual Leadership-in-Action organisations.
Feb 02, 2023

LIA partner institutions from 2022 in UK (mostly)

Here's a list of institutions which UCL students did their self-proposed LIA with in 2022 - mostly in the UK.  If any scholars are interested in any of these institutions as potential partners, I suggest you contact the UCL student via the Network to get more information.  I would also be happy to help put you in touch if that fails. Student: Ananya Ashta Organisation: Walk of Truth Description: conservation, protection and, if necessary, restoration of monuments and other words of art of historical or cultural value Contact: Tasoula Hadjitofi Student: Anoushka Beattie Organisation: Harm Reduction International Description: works globally to combat punitive drug laws and lobby for harm reduction measures for people who use drugs Contact: Student: Alexandre Gliott Organisation: Amicus UK Description: a small human rights charity which helps provide representation for those facing the death penalty in the US Contact: Student: Abeer Ladhani Organisation: Camden Council UK - Inclusive Economy Service Description: The Inclusive Economy service aims to change how the economy grows so that it works better for all residents and businesses in the borough, focusing on ground-up participation and ensuring that no one is left behind. Contact: Student: Shawn Lau Organisation: Maggies Cancer Centre UK Description: Maggie’s is a charity organization founded by Maggie Keswick Jencks, a writer, gardener, and designer, to provide psychological and social support for people with cancer. Contact: Student: Matias Makiranta Organisation: The Sitra Fund, Finland Description: A think-tank concentrated on implementing bold new ideas that will shape the future Contact: Student: Emilia Privat Organisation: Directory of Social Change, UK Description: Supports charities through training, publications, online directories and policy work Contact: Student: Jin Xuan Organisation: Children of the Mekong UK Description: supports children and youth in Southeast Asia by sponsoring their education across Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Contact: Student: Sophie Xu Tang Organisation: Manchester Young Lives and the National Literacy Trust UK Description: Literacy education for young people Contact:

About this room

This room provides suggestions and information about organisations you might want to approach if you are interested in doing a self-defined Leadership in Action project (option 2). We often come across projects or ideas for projects that are just waiting for the right, highly motivated individual to take on and make their own. Have a look here and see if there is anything that you would feel passionate about taking forwards. Proposals may be posted by universities, Scholars, or the Foundation.

Ideally, the suggested organisation should have knowledge of the Laidlaw Scholars Programme. However, if you just have an idea for a great LiA project with some suggestions as to which organisations to approach to make these happen you may post this as well (please add "project idea" to the title of the post so that it is clear for everyone that this is just an initial thought that needs a lot of follow-up research into possible organisations to make it happen.

For all posts, please offer a brief summary of what the organisation does / the project involves, and details of at least one key contact who an interested Scholar might approach to explore the possibility of doing a project with them.

Please remember, these are not fixed projects. These are ideas and suggestions so you will have to put in some extra legwork to make them happen. Unless specifically stated, the organisations have not proposed a specific project so it is up to you to figure out how you can support them through leadership. You might want to discuss the ideas further with your university Laidlaw Team or the person posting the project before approaching the organisation. Hopefully this list will grow into a fantastic repository of ideas for LiA projects and partners.