Video Summary: Laidlaw Scholars Conference 2023 (Dublin)

A highlight reel of the 2023 Laidlaw Scholars Conference at Trinity College Dublin!
Video Summary: Laidlaw Scholars Conference 2023 (Dublin)

This year's theme, "Conversations: The Art of Transformative Dialogue", emphasised the power of open-minded discussions and constructive dialogue in shaping ethical leadership. The conference explored diverse perspectives, fostering an environment where ideas converge and evolve.

From engaging keynotes to the impressive Three Minute Thesis competition, each session added to the richness of the conference. A special highlight was the Oxford Character Project's ethical leadership training session, which provided a unique platform for our Scholars to develop leadership skills with a strong moral foundation, essential for tackling complex global challenges.

The spirit of this year's conference – driving transformative change through dialogue – resonated in every interaction and session. We look forward to continuing this journey of impactful conversations and shared growth!

P.S. A heartfelt thank you to the Laidlaw Scholars Emma, Batool, Luke, and Hassan who shared their experiences, adding a personal touch to our highlights video.

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