Youness Robert-Tahiri (He/Him)

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Hello! I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Psychology Research Specialist program at the University of Toronto. I am passionate about children's mental health and the many ways that youth can overcome adversity. I am especially interested in developing interventions that promote resilience and healing for survivors of childhood adversity.

To this end, my Laidlaw Scholar research involves examining the origins of childhood kindness. I want to explore how adversity such as poverty, family conflict, and community violence, affect pathways of kindness. Specifically, I want to identify protective factors from those who experience childhood adversity but remain kind to themselves and others. By doing this, I hope to develop interventions that promote prosocial behaviour among survivors of childhood adversity.

I balance this emotionally heavy passion with a deep appreciation of the world of comedy. This entails performing comedic improvisations at various venues in the city. As such, I am also fascinated by the relationship between comedy and mental health.

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Art Football (soccer) Volunteering

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LiA Project Outline: A Comedy-Based Psychosocial Intervention for Teenagers Experiencing Adversity

I will work with SOS Children's Villages in Cape Town, South Africa to deliver a comedic improvisation curriculum that I have developed for their community. This NGO specifically houses orphaned, abandoned, and precariously housed children, and I look forward to meeting them throughout my stay.

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Recent Comments

I LOVE this project, Neha! I can't wait to read more about it after the summer. Good luck!

I'm genuinely so excited for your project, Elliot—It's incredibly timely and relevant. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the report after this summer. Good luck!

Replying to Shraddha Prasad

Good luck with the LiA experience, Youness! Really looking forward to seeing the impact you will have as part of this project and beyond! 

Thank you, Shraddha!

Comment on Research Poster

Thank you for sharing your work, Marwa! As a Moroccan, this was especially interesting for me to read!

Comment on Week 6 and Wrap Up

That sounds so rewarding! Thank you for sharing, Isabella.

Replying to Susanna Kempe

I loved hearing about this research project when we met. It addresses so many issues that I am passionate about: overcoming adversity, early years intervention, mental health, positive social engagement and cultivating character. Good luck with your research @Youness Robert-Tahiri. I can't wait to read it. 

Thank you for your continued support, Susanna! I appreciate it.

This is extremely inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Jiale.

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