UCL Shines Bright as the University of the Year 2024

Congratulations to our partners and Laidlaw Scholars at UCL for being recognised as the 'University of the Year 2024'.
UCL Shines Bright as the University of the Year 2024

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Celebrating UCL's Mark of Excellence in the 2024 University Spotlight 🎉

A heartfelt congratulations to @University College London for being crowned the 'University of the Year 2024' by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide. This recognition is not merely a title; it stands as a testament to UCL's unwavering commitment to innovation in education, world-leading research, and its transformative interdisciplinary initiatives around sustainability.

Within the expansive ecosystem of UCL, our Laidlaw Scholars are making their mark. Through their ambitious research endeavours, community initiatives, and ethical leadership projects, they embody the principles we hold dear. We're not just proud; we're inspired by their journey and are excited for what's to come.

At the Laidlaw Foundation, we've always believed in creating leaders who can drive positive change. Our partnership with UCL reinforces this mission. Their recent accolade is a testament to what institutions can achieve when they prioritize holistic education, research, and sustainability. It serves as a reminder of the change we aim to drive and the ethical leaders we aspire to nurture.

As we celebrate UCL's accomplishment today, we're filled with anticipation for the future. To every student, faculty member, and administrator at UCL, we salute your dedication and passion. And to our Laidlaw Scholars there, keep shining, keep inspiring!

For a deeper dive into UCL's recognition and journey, you can read their official announcement here.

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Go to the profile of Susanna Kempe
10 months ago

Congratulations @Christopher Cullen , @Zachary Walker and everyone at @University College London - wonderful achievement!

Go to the profile of Zachary Walker
10 months ago

Thanks Susanna - hope you are well and that we can catch up soon.