Nikol Chen (She/Her)

Design and Development Manager, Laidlaw Foundation
Oliver Fletcher

Student, University of Leeds

I am currently a student at the University of Leeds pursing a degree in International business with a growing interest in technology, economics and sustainability. While studying I have pursued multiple extracurricular opportunities such as being on the Social Committee at Charles Morris Hall organising and hosting events for students, my specific role as the marketing rep is to advertise the events and communicate with students primarily through social media. I have completed a voluntary Climate Action Training course which allowed me to deepen my understanding of the climate crisis and current efforts to increase sustainable practices.
Margaret Price

Manager of Academic Engagement Programs, Cornell University

Pan Xiyue

Student, HKU

Finn Kelly McHugh

Botany Student | Community Project Manager, Trinity College Dublin

The intersection of social issues and nature is what inspires me. Throughout my work, my aims are focused on creating a world where people and nature live in a reciprocal and harmonious relationship. I love spending my time getting to know how to best serve the interests of and uplift community members.  I want to empower people to create changes they want to see in their local area, and help communities radically transform our world. 
Fathia A Fasasi

Student, Georgetown University

My name is Fathia Fasasi, and I am a rising sophomore at Georgetown University with hopes of majoring in Global Health and minoring in sociology. A fun fact about me is that I was hit by a motorcycle at five years old (I'm fine now, lol!). I am involved in a faculty project called The Black Central Americas (BCA) this summer. I am primarily engaged in the first phase, "Constellating Black Central America," where we focus on researching cities and documenting their histories, cultures, and migration patterns. Our primary aim with this project is to fill in the historical gaps of these cities and create a valuable resource for future researchers interested in this history.
Anica Tahsin

Student, Imperial College London

Lauren Sayers

Student, University of Cambridge

I am a student of Human, Social and Political Science at the University of Cambridge specialising in politics and anthropology. My research interest is how democratic regimes have been affected by technological developments which I look forward to developing through the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme!
Teesta Maulik

Medical Student, Imperial College London

Ruby-Anne Birin

Impact Officer, University of Oxford

Roxana Tuinea-Bobe

Student, University of Leeds

Ishita Khurana

Laidlaw Scholar, Brown University

I am a BA/MD student in Brown University's Program in Liberal Medical Education concentrating in Comparative Literature and Medical Anthropology. My current research centers healthcare in South Asia and other low resource settings.
Lily Barratt

Student , Univeristy of Leeds

Yotam Havkin

Student, University of Leeds

Rong Hua

Student, Imperial College London

Hi, everyone! I am Rong, an undergraduate of Chemical Engineering in Imperial College London. I am interested in clean energy and sustainability areas.
Ifadayo Engel-Halfkenny

Student Researcher, Brown University

Safiyah Asharaf

Student, University of Leeds

Hi! I'm a first year student Law student at the University of Leeds and I am part of the 2024 Laidlaw Scholars cohort. My research topic is "Mapping the Networks of South-South Indigenous Solidarity and Advocacy". 
Delaney Sebora

Student, Georgetown University

Hello people!!! I'm Delaney. I am a rising Junior at Georgetown University studying International History in the School of Foreign Service- I am planning to minor in Spanish and Math. My major concentration is Colonial Legacies and Social Structures, intending to promote Decoloniality, the deconstruction of colonial logic and the perceived naturalness of racial capitalism.  I graduated from Waconia High School in Minnesota (about 30 minutes west of the Twin Cities).  My research project for this Summer (2024) focuses on Black Resiliency in the British Caribbean, plus how foodways contribute to cultural transmission. With a research team, I traveled to Cat Island in the Bahamas and interviewed local farmers, historians, herbologists, and artisans to collect their primary perspectives and oral histories. Moving forward, I want to synthesize the lingering effects of British occupation on Cat Island, as well as promote the sustainable lifestyle that many Bahamians have inherited through generations. 
Isha Bahadur

Research Assistant, Georgetown University

Hi! My name is Isha and I am a rising junior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Biology of Global Health. While I grew up in the suburbs of NYC for most of my life, I lived in Singapore for 4 of those years. This summer, I will be researching failed single-stranded annealing events in drosophila under the guidance of Dr. Jan LaRocque. 
Maja Anderson

Manager of Undergraduate Programs & International Experiences, Coordinator of the Laidlaw Program, Cornell University , Cornell University

Ebubechukwu David Anaevune

Student, Brown University

I am an undergraduate student at Brown pursuing undergraduate education in Computer Science and Chemistry. I intend to proceed to Medical School and ultimately specialize in Neurosurgery. I play soccer.