Nikol Chen (She/Her)

Design and Development Manager, Laidlaw Foundation
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  • United Kingdom
Cai Jin

student, Durham University


Student , Trinity College Dublin

Mukhambetzhan Berikuly

Student, Durham University

Jordane Provin

Student at EPFL , EPFL

Tiffany Tay

Student , Durham University

Cristian Fortuna

Microengineering Student, EPFL

Oliver Pugh

Undergraduate Physics Student, Durham University

I am an undergraduate Physics student at Durham University and I am very passionate about developing and progressing sustainable energy solutions. I believe we can tackle the global energy crisis through focused research, adequate funding and widespread education on the need for a systemic change.

Carlota Bloch Varela

Student, University of St Andrews

Charan Kandepalli

Student, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Kudirat Abiola

Student , London School of Economics

Lina Chi

Psychology student, University of St Andrews

Elena Rico Hernando

Laidlaw Scholar, St Andrews

Lucy Robinson

Neuroscience BSc (Hons) Student, University of St Andrews

I am currently in my second year at the University of St Andrews studying towards a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Neuroscience.

I am committed to increasing my knowledge of the brain and its function, with a particular interest in neurodegenerative disease research. As such, my Laidlaw research project will explore the potential of neurochondrin as a therapeutic target for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and other Motor Neurone Diseases.

Hungwah Lam

Head of International Relations Department, Leiden University

Elaine Sherlock

Student, Trinity college Dublin


Student, LSE

Sanjana Iyer

Student, The London School of Economics and Political Science