Natalja Nassonova (She/Her)

Research & leadership scholar , University of Leeds
Nikol Chen

Design and Development Manager, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! I am a multidisciplinary designer and have been with the Laidlaw Foundation for over four years, working towards strengthening our global community and amplifying the impact of our initiatives. I love all things human. I completed an undergraduate degree in Human Sciences and am currently pursuing a Masters in Anthropology at UCL. In particular, I am passionate about the intersection of education, anthropology, and design, with an ethical and collaborative approach at the heart.  Originally from the vast steppes of Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Obsessive podcast listener, nature lover, and a dancer with two left feet and a whole lot of spirit.
Kayla Kim

Community Analyst, United Nations Development Programme

Hello! I was Laidlaw scholar in 2019, and I studied national, regional, and local identity in northern Tajikistan through the lens of women's fashion.  For a year after graduating, I worked for the UN Mine Action Service which removes landmines from conflict and post-conflict regions. I then worked for the Laidlaw Foundation 2021-22 and completed a Master's Degree in Anthropology and Development Management at the London School of Economics. Now I'm working with the UN on innovative finance for biodiversity conservation, focusing on marine ecosystems. Please feel free to reach out on the network, on LinkedIn, or by email. I'm always happy to meet new people and chat.
Princess Agina

Community and Project Management Executive, Laidlaw Foundation

Embracing the vibrant world of the Laidlaw Foundation, first as a Laidlaw Scholar at Oxford University's Saïd Business School and now as the Community and Project Management Executive, has been an exciting journey. Nurturing our vast online community, working closely with partners, and supporting internal projects are just a few highlights of my role at the Foundation. Working at the Foundation and on my startup ConnectU is something that I cherish. Off-duty, I'm often found at the piano🎹, mesmerized in a theatre🎭, or painting away the night with friends🎨.  If our paths align in interests or work, why not connect? Ping me, and let's connect on LinkedIn.
Holly Perril

Scholar, University of Leeds

I am Holly and I study German and English Literature at the University of Leeds. I will be working on the research project 'German at Leeds - Then and Now' as I am passionate about language teaching and language learning. I am specifically interested in developing strategies to decolonise language teaching through diversifying the curriculum of German Studies, which I hope to achieve through researching the history of German teaching at my university. I will look at how key moments of crisis in the twentieth century, such as WWI and WWII, in which Britain were in conflict with Germany, affected language teaching and the study of German at Leeds. I hope that this will help me identify how language teaching is affected by global events and political relations between countries in order to develop strategies to decolonise language teaching in the future.   I work as a German Ambassador for the Goethe Institute to help foster interest in the German language globally and nationally. As part of my role, I visit schools all over the country to encourage students to learn German and educate them on the career opportunities open to students with a foreign language in order to help them to navigate their futures.  I am committed to making a change to our community. Recently I took part in a decolonisation project in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Design Thinkers Academy in Amsterdam. I was the only student members of the team and I was working with teachers from all over the world and members of Goethe Institute Finland and Sweden. The target of the project was to develop resources to decolonise the curriculum to make German teaching more inclusive of queer people and people of colour. This required great ambition to come up with a solution to make German teaching more inclusive. I conducted interviews with fellow students, prioritising BAME students and members from the trans community to discover their experience of language learning.  I am committed to ethical leadership as I believe all people deserve to feel seen and valued in their education. As part of my commitment to diversifying our curriculum, A few years ago, I took part in a public speaking competition where I spoke about how we need to change our attitude to neurodiversity in young adults and children, encouraging a change in understanding and a re-education regarding mental health conditions and learning disabilities in young people. This approach required great courage and commitment as I had to question our current curriculum and seek to find new and improved strategies to better accommodate and understand neurodiversity, a topic which is often ignored especially in the early years of child education. This required great courage and extraordinary research as I was determined to develop an understanding of not only current issues in the understanding of neurodiversity in children and young adults but also foster new ideas to address these. Furthermore, I believe the best research is that which is challenging and seeks to find new and innovative strategies to overcome obstacles and improve society. I am dedicated to improving the lives of young people. In secondary school I worked as head of the Media Team. I helped to direct my team towards different strategies to encourage young people to develop an interest in journalism, visiting primary schools to educate younger students about career prospects in journalism. I saw how this leadership positively impacted the lives of young people, as throughout the several workshops we ran across primary schools in our local community, we saw how younger students were becoming enthusiastic about their futures, as they became aware of the fantastic opportunities available to them. This experience has really inspired me to apply for a Laidlaw Scholarship as I have seen how strong leadership can engage and inspire, transforming our community. I hope to foster my leadership skills throughout the scholarship, as throughout my education I have experienced how positive leadership can transform lives.
Gabriel Rowland

Student, University of Leeds

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Leeds studying BSc Environmental Science. I am particularly interested in climate change - the science behind it and its impacts, biodiversity and ecology, and sustainable development. I am also currently partaking in a Year in Industry placement at Network Rail working for the Environment and Sustainable Development team. My Laidlaw Research was on the reintroduction of beavers in Scotland, looking at attitudes towards them and trying to understand why they are illegally killed. This particularly interested me as it is vital to understand local opinions on wildlife to succeed in reintroductions and rewilding schemes. For my Laidlaw Leadership Development, I was lucky enough to spend a summer with Think Pacific on an Environment and Sustainable Development project in Fiji. Outside of work and study, I enjoy food (cooking and eating it), as well as sports like powerlifting (which allow me to eat lots without any negatives!), and exploring new places and nature sites.
WEI Ke (Sarah)

Student researcher, HKU

Hello everyone! My name is Wei Ke (Sarah). I study actuarial science at HKU. I am a practical and touchy person. I plan to finish my undergraduate studies and then get an actuarial job in Hong Kong. 
Sofya Dobrynina

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a third year undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews studying physics (with a focus on experimental physics). My project this summer involves researching ENZ (epsilon-near-zero) metasurfaces, focusing more specifically their design process, and using simulation techniques to try to optimise this process.   Outside of academia, I enjoy being out in nature, and regularly go on walks/hikes around the beautiful countryside around the town. Having lived and grown up in several countries in Europe, I am also an avid language learner, and love connecting with people across different countries and cultures.   
Penelope Milner

Student, University of Leeds

Currently, I am in my second year studying Geography BA with Quantitative Methods at the University of Leeds. 
Emma Merryweather

Consultant Scientist, EY

Graduate Natural Scientist, specialised in Nanoscience. My Laidlaw research project explored thermoelectric materials to biomedical devices with a patient's very own body heat. Now employed as a Consultant Scientist for the EY R&D tax team.
Ania Bajerska

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholar, St Andrews

I am a second-year student at the University of St Andrews, pursuing a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Sustainable Development. My vision is to enable more sustainability-oriented initiatives through financial tools and market-based solutions. One of my other interests is literature, that is why my summer research project is an attempt to understand the representation of nature in current children’s environmental literature and define the relationships between “nature literacy”, education, sustainability and social transition. Outside of my studies I enjoy staying active (water sports are my favourite) and baking.
Kobi Rassnick

Student, Cornell University

Hey, I'm Kobi and I’m an undergraduate Laidlaw Scholar studying Biological Sciences with a concentration in Animal Physiology at Cornell University. I’m currently a junior from Ithaca, New York pursuing the pre-veterinary track, and my academic interests lie in veterinary medicine, genetics, and molecular biology. My research focused on evaluating Holstein dairy cattle genomic data with the goal of identifying genetic regions associated with cattle health, dairy production, and disease resistance in order to inform cattle breeding and management decisions internationally. My LiA experience took place in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala where I worked with FARVets, a group that implements sterilization clinics abroad. Outside of academics and research, I am passionate about traveling, sustainability, animals, and all things music.
Anna Mishchenko

Student , Columbia University

I'm a freshman in Columbia College studying Political Science and Economics. I'm passionate about law, and beyond my research in technology and judicial decision-making, some of my other interests include Model UN and debate, languages, visual arts, and dance.
Anna Wilson

Laidlaw Scholar , University of Leeds

Studying International Sustainability and Environmental Management. My 1st year research project was “The pedestrian environment and new mobility services: mixed messages?”, one that I chose due to a passion for social justice and the exploration of it within varying contexts. COVID-19 caused this project to be heavily redesigned, with research objectives shifting to how the pedestrian space was used during the intial pandemic, and future idealistic spaces.
Jiayi Xin

Undergraduate student , The University of Hong Kong

Hello, nice to meet you! I am Raina, an undergraduate student studying Applied Artificial Intelligence in the University of Hong Kong. My research topic is using artificial intelligence (AI) to turn a mobile smartphone into a stethoscope. What we want to do in this project is to build an AI-assisted mobile application on smartphones to perform cardiovascular disease early screening.
Kimberley Guy

B/Sc Adult Nursing , University of Leeds

Megan Lupo

Student, University of Leeds

Hello my name is Megan and I am a University of Leeds scholar, currently studying abroad at Lund University, Sweden! This summer I completed my independent Leadership-in-Action placement at the non-profit Sharing Excess, in Philadelphia. It is a food rescue organisation and I worked in the distribution team helping to deliver the rescued food to people in need. Last summer, I completed my research project with Bite Back 2030, looking at the negative effects of delivery apps on young people's health and trying to come up with ways to minimise this through legislation.
Pearls Eddo

Law (Industrial) LLB, University of Leeds

Hi👋🏾 I’m Pearls I am a final year Law student at the University of Leeds. I recently completed a placement year at The Walt Disney Company as a CPGP Contract Management Intern (hence the 'industrial' next to my degree title) My first-year research project looked at the way game-based learning could be incorporated into Multi-Academy Trusts (aka MATs) to improve the academic attainment and classroom engagement of GCSE-year black students. My Leadership-in-Action project was with MakeSense and focused on empowering minority communities within Mexico City.
Hillary Yip

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi! I am Hillary from The University of Hong Kong majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. My research aims to create a compound that specifically targets a cancer-related protein, and to investigate its mechanism and efficacy.
Jakob B. Reuschling

Student, University of Leeds

Economics and Politics student at the University of Leeds, from near Stuttgart, Germany. My research project aimed to create an effective mentoring approach that supports the development of self-esteem in shy children after their transition to secondary school. I was part of a team of four scholars who are working together with Durham University to research what makes a successful Multi-Academy Trust serving disadvantaged communities. In particular, we focused on the Laidlaw Schools Trust, which comprises seven schools in the North of England that predominantly serve disadvantaged pupils. Overall, this is part of the effort to reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their more affluent peers. I recently completed my LiA project by volunteering for the Youth & Community Project with Think Pacific in Fiji. Currently, I am on a year-long exchange at the National University of Singapore (NUS). I would love to talk about international politics, history, football and your all-time favourite Netflix shows!
Niamh Adamson (she/her)

Undergraduate Scholar , University of Leeds

Hey :) I'm Niamh (she/her), I study Classical literature and Italian at the University of Leeds. My research focuses on mapping out the circulation of Italian literature between the eighteenth and nineteenth century in Leeds. During the research period I'll be collaborating with Leeds library, helping them catalogue the remainder of their Italian collection into their database.