Melissa Rose (She/Her)

Development Partner - Laidlaw Scholars, University of York
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Angel Wu

BBA(Law)&LLB Student, The University of Hong Kong

Colleen Dougherty

Assistant Director, Center for Research & Fellowships, Georgetown University

Grace McWilliam

Student, University of York

Thomas Williams

Second Year Medical Student, Hull York Medical School

Hi, I'm Thomas (or Tom)  I'm a second year medical student studying at Hull York Medical School (HYMS). So far, the course has been great and I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new people. My research project focuses around an area of biology I have found super interesting since joining medical school - the blood and the immune system! As well as my studies, I am a Choral Singer for Hull Minster where I sing a whole range of music, as well as performing with other various music groups in the Yorkshire Area. I am also in training to be an operational First Aider for St. John Ambulance.  In terms of the future, my plans aren't completely set in stone yet - I'm open to many new experiences before I make that decision. If you have any questions for me, I would love for you to get in contact :) 

Administrative Coordinator, Tufts University

Research and Academic Administration

Ellen Lavender

Scholar, University of York

I'm a final year psychology MSci student specialising in developmental disorders. My project focuses around the development attention in infants and if certain maternal strategies scaffold joint attention and how this varies cross culturally in the UK and Uganda.

I'm hoping to pursue a PhD in the future!

Patrick paul martin

Student, Uni of york

Becky (she/her)

Psychology Student, University of York

An aspiring Clinical Psychologist, currently an undergraduate studying Psychology (Integrated MSci) at the University of York. I see a future in which mental healthcare is adaptive to an individual's cultural and personal needs. I am also interested in alternative/ complimentary therapies for treatment resistant mood disorders such as deep brain stimulation and psilocybin therapy. My current research involves working with a Prosopagnosic (face blind) individual to better understand how we both learn and recognise faces. Outside of research, I love to go wild swimming across Yorkshire whatever the weather. You will likely find me at a music festival over the summer or travelling to somewhere new! 
Irene Monreal Campos

Student, University of York

Hi! I'm Irene. 

I'm studying chemistry at the Uni of York. I'm really interested in environmental chemistry and atmospheric sciences (and anything that involves the sea!) . 

In my free time I do triathlon and Waterpolo.

Pritika Ganguly

Student, University of York

Hello! I am Pritika and am a second-year Medical Engineering student at the University of York.

my research proposal is on how to develop a prosthetic that can grow with a child, so the child will not need to replace the prosthetic often. Furthermore, looking into the use of AI so the prosthetic can learn and develop alongside the side.

Emily Bowen

Student, University of York

I'm a second year History student at the University of York, with an interest in archives and public history. Improving the accessibility of history is of great importance to me, both in terms of access to resources and the historical narrative. I've had experience in archives ranging from the Cambridge Arts Theatre, dating from 1934, to St Peter's School, York, which dates back to 627 AD. Whilst at the Arts Theatre I also received accredited training from the Oral History Society, which I have since been able to apply to other oral history community projects.
Jerome Pek

Student, University of York

I am a Film and Television Production undergraduate from the University of York. Prior to undergraduate studies, I took a gap year as an intern for a TV production house for national broadcast in Singapore. I aspire to use my post-production skills to tell stories that make a positive impact.
Angela Venus Sakuntala

Scholar, University of Hong Kong

Hey! I am interested in sports and business! My research will be about the The impact of sport entertainment industry on adults’ (sport fans) engagement in physical activity. I am majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance at the University of Hong Kong. I am so excited and I am looking forward to meet new friends! So, feel free to reach me out :)

Asper Al-Shimi

Law Student, University of York

Hi everyone! I am Asper, a first year law student at the University of York and a 2022 Laidlaw Scholar. My research project is about the legacy of British Imperialism on nationality law in post-colonial territories and Jordan specifically. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to chat 💭🥰
Emma Woolfrey

Student Development and Leadership Support Officer, University of York

Catherine Prudence Christabel

Student, University of York

Andrew Hill

Student, University of York

I am studying BSc Archaeology at the University of York. My primary interests are working on a ‘large scale’: archaeological field survey, GIS and digital methods, and utilising landscape and multiperiod approaches. Accordingly,  my research combines field investigation and digital analysis in a multiperiod study of the Mid-Cheshire Ridge, testing the potential contribution of comparative viewshed analysis to understanding past reasoning and change in the landscape.

Josh Rutland

Undergraduate Student, University of York

I'm a third year Politics and IR student and 2021 Laidlaw Scholar at the University of York. My research topic focussed on political influence in public order policing in the UK. For my Leadership-in-Action, I am working with MakeSense on their 'Re_action For Climate' project.

Mary Friend

Natural Sciences Student, University of York

Natural Sciences MSci student at University of York specialising in neuroscience. I am fascinated by the brain and the connections within it, and enjoy combining my knowledge of chemistry, biology, psychology and philosophy to generate new ideas.
Oscar Solis

Student, University of York

I study Natural Sciences specialising in Neuroscience at the University of York.

My current interests lie in understanding the mechanisms behind perception, its interaction with attention and the prospect of studying neuroscience computationally.

I really value different perspectives and approaches and particularly enjoy seeing the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of neuroscience.