Álvaro López-Acosta

Postdoctoral Researcher , Université de Strasbourg

About Álvaro López-Acosta

They say you can't be an actor and a scientist. But what if the greatest role is leading the charge for change? 

I'm a PhD chemist with a flair for the dramatic (and public speaking!). Research is my forte, but my passion lies in using science to create a positive impact. Academia's a great play, but I'm itching for a bigger stage. The Laidlaw Network? My backstage pass to a world of impactful leaders I can learn from. 

Can I combine my love for science with the thrill of leadership? The curtain is about to rise on my next adventure. Let's connect!

Countries I lived: 🇪🇸 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇹🇿 🇮🇱/🇵🇸

Passionate about ✈️ and 👨‍🔬.

Love 🧳, 🎾,  🎭 and 🌐🇪🇺 interpreting.

I am a/an:

Alum: Undergraduate Leadership & Research Programme


University of York

Laidlaw Cohort Year


Research Topic

Biochemistry Chemistry Material Science

Area of Expertise

Biomedical Sciences

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I speak:

English French Spanish

My hobbies/interests are:

Dance Design Foreign languages Hiking/walking Tennis Theatre Travelling

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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