Isabella Whitney

Student, Barnard College of Columbia University
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Eli Newell

International Agriculture & Rural Development Student, Cornell University

I am an undergraduate at Cornell pursuing a B.S. in International Agriculture & Rural Development (IARD). My long-term aspiration is to deliver improved agricultural and public health outcomes using agronomy principles, geospatial tools, and community-engaged approaches. My current focus is on circular bionutrient economy opportunities in the Lake Victoria basin (Kenya) to address simultaneous eutrophication in the lake and nutrient deficit in surrounding agriculture, primarily through novel sanitation and fertilizer production methods. My research with Prof. Rebecca Nelson at Cornell and with Prof. Charles Midega at Poverty & Health Integrated Solution (PHIS) and Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya, strives to advance these opportunities. I was introduced to agriculture at a young age while working for a diversified livestock farm in my hometown, where I gained an appreciation for the scientific method and agricultural research. I am motivated by exhilarating collaboration, the excitement of being on the cutting edge of agricultural research and development, and agriculture’s vast impact on public and environmental health.
Anusha Wangnoo

Student, Research Assistant, Writer, Barnard College, Columbia University

Ananya P

Student, Barnard College

Hello! My name is Ananya and I am rising junior at Barnard College, majoring in Urban studies, specializing in Environment and Sustainability, with a minor in Architecture. The world is in a constant state of change. Whether it is the ever-changing nature of sustainable urban design, climate and world events, or new methods of organizing communities in urban spaces. With change comes meaningful action, a step I want to undertake.  Having studied and experienced a multitude of cultures, I have learned a lot about community, and how it forms to bring people together in various contexts. My ongoing degree at Barnard College inspires me to explore the idea of community through urban studies, environmental sustainability, architecture, and design in a multifaceted manner.  I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and adapt to new environments. I am ready to learn a variety of skills to transcend the boundaries of design and community and coalesce them for a more productive and inspiring future. My research interests include sustainable urban planning/design, and their connections to general local or environmental policy practices across Southeast Asia. My laidlaw research aims to look at neighborhood designation in Singapore and its connection to street/mural art narratives and community representation.
Marina Senderos Garcia

Undergraduate Student, Barnard College of Columbia University

Although I am from Mexico City, I have lived abroad for most of my life in places such as London and São Paulo. Now, I am part of the Class of 2026 at Barnard College in New York, and my prospective majors are philosophy and economics. I am interested in understanding abstract concepts to then investigate their concrete manifestation in every-day life, hence the interdisciplinary nature of my research and leadership. Being the granddaughter of immigrants who fled from both the Spanish Civil War and the Cuban dictatorship, I am constantly drawn to the complexities of how people's identities, beliefs and economic realities shape their contribution to local communities. Ultimately, I am passionate about helping marginalised communities and contributing to a more egalitarian society as a whole.
Hannah Ramsey

Undergraduate Student, Barnard College

My name is Hannah Ramsey (she/her), and I am a junior at Barnard College studying neuroscience and English, though my research is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing heavily from the fields of medical anthropology, sociology, and narrative medicine. Currently, I am researching how clinicians' reliance on body composition indicators (BCIs) in health assessments may contribute to the stigmatization of bodies. My intention with this work is to illuminate how moral and aesthetic biases within healthcare teams can negatively influence patient outcomes as a result of the stigmatizing effects associated with body-centric paradigms of health promotion. The goal of this research is to begin conceiving alternative approaches to promoting patients' physical health and subjective well-being that are both body-affirming and size-agnostic. Apart from this research, I also have personal and academic interests in creative writing, writing pedagogy, and advocacy as it relates to the neurodiversity movement. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry, playing guitar, and taking long walks outside!
Jasmine Gates

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar , Barnard College of Columbia University

Jasmine is from Santa Cruz, California and pursuing a combined major of Medical Anthropology and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Barnard College'25. Her interests in public health and reproductive justice have led her to research on the changes in US maternal morbidity rates after the Supreme Court ruling of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which took away the constitutional right to abortion.
Emma Kaneira

Laidlaw Scholar 2022, Barnard College of Columbia University

Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa

Student, Columbia University

I am a senior at Columbia University majoring in History and Mathematics, and an alumna of the 2021-22 Columbia Laidlaw Scholars cohort. My Laidlaw research centered on the women's movement in early twentieth-century British India, with my first summer focused on the Indian writer, educator, and activist Mahadevi Varma's 1930s essays on the status of women in Hindu marriages, and my second summer focused on networks of women from across the British empire attending the Oxford in the 1910s-30s at the Unstable Archives Project.
Ramya Arumilli

Student, Barnard College

Third-year student at Barnard College studying Medical Anthropology. Interested in reproductive justice and South Asian healing traditions. Research focused on the effects of socio-political conditions on menstrual health practices in India—specifically within the contexts of Ayurveda, goddess worship, and media representation—with particular analysis of the Kamakhya Devi and Sabarimala Ayyappa temples. 
Hannah Boyle

Undergraduate Student, University of York

I am a 2021 Laidlaw Scholar from the University of York, focusing my research on the question:  How was the U.K. Labour Party changed their discourse and proposed to challenge domestic poverty and inequality since 2010? I have been involved in Politics at a local, grassroots level, including community campaigning, and previously worked for Rachel Reeves MP in her constituency office. As a Politics student, I am interested in all things political and anything related to International Relations, with particular interest on the European Union, Women in Politics and International Development. 
Sophia Brousset

Student, University of St Andrews

I am an incoming MPhil candidate in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology at the University of Oxford. My Laidlaw research explores the Incan Empire's positive view of female homosexuality, exploring how their diverse understandings of gender influenced these views on sexuality. It also considered how La Conquista's use of a European lens and translation when documenting Incan civilisation resulted in the erasure of much of the sexual and gender diversity which existed throughout Incan Peru.  Show more
Sarah Routley

Student, University of St Andrews

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah (she/her) and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. I am particularly interested in the applications of philosophy to social and political issues, and how we can use philosophical arguments to inform policy decisions. As such, my research project concerned the appropriateness of belief and doubt in cases of sexual assault and the implications for university and legal policy. For my Leadership-in-Action, I conducted an evaluation of a sexual violence prevention education programme run by an NGO in Auckland, New Zealand
Amaya Williams

Laidlaw Scholar, Barnard College

E Jen Liu

Undergraduate Research Fellow, Barnard College

Ana Eveleigh

B.A. Candidate in Religion and Human Rights, Barnard College

Ana is a senior at Barnard College pursuing a combined major in religion and human rights. She is specifically interested in the relationship between religion and politics, law, and histories of empire. Her other passions include Arabic language study, vocal jazz, and coffee culture.
Ben Clarke

Student, University of York

Hello, I'm Ben, and I study Politics with International Relations. I am a 2022 undergraduate scholar focused on European security issues and Western political development. I have expertise in Marxist political philosophy, and my research is written about how the struggle for recognition leads to class conflicts within liberal democracies. I am an avid public speaker, being a finalist at the European Youth Parliament in 2020, and have competed in various other speaking competitions. I'm open to working in both the research and marketing sectors; feel free to message me with any questions!
Isabella Garcia Bernstein

Undergraduate Research Fellow , Barnard College of Columbia University

Hello everyone! My name is Isabella Garcia Bernstein (she/they), and I am going into my second year at Barnard College. I study Spanish and Latin American Cultures and Archaeology. My research project involves examining the allegorical play Loa for the Divine Narcissus by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz to situate her views of scholarship and education in the larger educational structure of colonial Mexico. With my research, I hope to gain an understanding of educational disenfranchisement in the country as a result of Spanish Catholic colonization. I look forward to connecting with you all.
Lika Gegenava

Student, Barnard College