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I am a senior at Columbia University majoring in History and Mathematics, and an alumna of the 2021-22 Columbia Laidlaw Scholars cohort. My Laidlaw research centered on the women's movement in early twentieth-century British India, with my first summer focused on the Indian writer, educator, and activist Mahadevi Varma's 1930s essays on the status of women in Hindu marriages, and my second summer focused on networks of women from across the British empire attending the Oxford in the 1910s-30s at the Unstable Archives Project. I remain very interested in intersections of gender, religion, and legal power between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, and am currently writing a History thesis on the role of French Jesuit missionaries in shaping European knowledge of Indian religion at the turn of the eighteenth century.

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India United States of America

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Art Badminton Hiking/walking Meditation Politics & current events Reading Volunteering

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Of 'Representative Women' and 'Women Representatives': Debating Women's Reservations in India's Last Colonial Constitution, 1930-35

My project this summer was an extension of my research as a Laidlaw Scholar. It focuses on debates over women's reservations in India's last colonial constitution—an issue that takes on new resonances as India's parliament moves to reserve a third of Parliament seats for female candidates in 2023.

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Recent Comments

Thank you all so much!! Very very grateful for the Laidlaw community (at Columbia and beyond!) and the wonderful two years spent in the program. 

Comment on Gegenava – Poster

This is so interesting—congratulations, Lika!

This is so interesting, Suan! Congratulations on a wonderful project and poster. :)

Replying to Eleanor Campbell

I love this beautifully designed poster and your lovely artwork!

Thank you so much, Eleanor! And congratulations on your wonderful poster and project! :)

Replying to Cath Brislane

And I've reached your reflection! I forgot how ahead of the game Columbia were, sorry about that 😂

This is so cool Mrinalini. Honestly. As an English student, it is so hard to look over metaphor and look at literal meanings at face value, but that is exactly what we have to do. Because literal meanings transfer to literal life- there is often very little realism in the metaphor. 

Congratulations on finishing your first summer! I'm excited to see what the rest of the scholarship holds for you. 

Cath, I'm only just discovering your comment!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time out to look at the project—and it's also so interesting to hear about your perspective on this as an English student. All the best for your own research! I'm definitely looking forward to continuing this all and seeing what everyone does next summer. :)