Marina Senderos Garcia (She/Her)

Undergraduate Student, Barnard College of Columbia University
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About Marina Senderos Garcia

Although I am from Mexico City, I have lived abroad for most of my life in places such as London and São Paulo. Now, I am part of the Class of 2026 at Barnard College in New York, and my prospective majors are philosophy and economics. I am interested in understanding abstract concepts to then investigate their concrete manifestation in every-day life, hence the interdisciplinary nature of my research and leadership. Being the granddaughter of immigrants who fled from both the Spanish Civil War and the Cuban dictatorship, I am constantly drawn to the complexities of how people's identities, beliefs and economic realities shape their contribution to local communities. Ultimately, I am passionate about helping marginalised communities and contributing to a more egalitarian society as a whole.

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Barnard College

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Economics Humanities Social Sciences

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English Portuguese Spanish

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Cooking/Baking Politics & current events Reading Travelling Volunteering

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