Summer Two LiA: FARVets in Guatemala

For my Leadership in Action experience, I traveled to Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala with FARVets, a group based out of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. This video details aspects of my project, learnings, and broad takeaways from my LiA.

My LiA project's overall goal was to engage and empower the Santiago Atitlán community to address dog and cat overpopulation issues that lead to poor animal welfare. To achieve this goal I:

  1. Created physical documents as resources for school-aged students to learn about companion animals, responsible pet ownership, and public health.
  2. Distributed the materials and engaged with children in schools on site in Guatemala.
  3. Learned how to properly monitor a post-surgery patient for recovery by engaging with veterinarians.
  4. Communicated with local pet owners to show how to continue post-operative recovery and care at home.

Each of my objectives was successfully satisfied while implementing my LiA project, and I will forever cherish the friends and memories I made during my time in Santiago Atitlán.

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17 days ago