Peter Vojnits

Community Executive at the Laidlaw Foundation and Laidlaw Scholar Alumnus, Durham Unviersity
  • Durham Unviersity
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  • United Kingdom
Alex McDermott

BA Politics and International Relations student, Durham University

Cai Jin

student, Durham University

The London School of Economics and Political Science, is a prestigious research university located in London, United Kingdom. Established in 1895, LSE is renowned for its social science programs and has a strong reputation for academic excellence. LSE offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various fields including economics, politics, law, sociology, and international relations. LSE is known for its diverse student body and its commitment to promoting social justice and addressing global issues. With its central London location, LSE provides students with access to a wide range of cultural and social opportunities. 

Claire Taylor

Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar, Laidlaw Foundation

I am a fourth-year English and Modern History student at the University of St Andrews. My research looked at the intersection of gender history and transnational history by examining women's involvement in the Esperanto movement in Scotland and the Midlands, and my leadership-in-action was the Think Pacific Health Promotion project. I'm interested in all things art, history, literature, and social change! 

Daniel Caves-San José

Durham University - Studying International Relations, History and Theology. Student Librarian and Decolonisation Intern, Durham University

Mukhambetzhan Berikuly

Student, Durham University

Alixe Kirbihler

Bioengineering Student, EPFL

Yuka Atsuchi

BSc Natural Sciences (Biosciences, Geography and Earth Sciences) , Durham University

Hello! I am Yuka Atsuchi. I am from Japan and studying Natural Sciences (Biosciences, Geography and Earth Sciences) at Durham University.

My strong passion is to create a more sustainable environment for both humans and wildlife. I am specialising in environmental issues and climate change through interdisciplinary approaches in Natural Sciences with strong research and field skills from work experience. 

My main focus in research and future aspiration is "empirical and effective implementation of rewilding conservation projects to various landscapes". For my first-year summer project, I am going to evaluate and create a plan for Durham University Wildland to initiate reintroduction projects. Then I would like to spread the knowledge and conservation practices to other countries such as Japan.

I would like to expand my network and share thoughts with you! LinkedIn Yuka Atsuchi

Dina Karim

Student , École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Jordane Provin

Student at EPFL , EPFL

Cristian Fortuna

Microengineering Student, EPFL

Oliver Pugh

Undergraduate Physics Student, Durham University

I am an undergraduate Physics student at Durham University and I am very passionate about developing and progressing sustainable energy solutions. I believe we can tackle the global energy crisis through focused research, adequate funding and widespread education on the need for a systemic change.

Jiayi Guo

Student, Cornell University

Piper Kohlenberger

Agriculture Student, Cornell University

Francisco Javier Bermejo Vilas

1st Year University Student, UCL

Charan Kandepalli

Student, London School of Economics and Political Sciences