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English and Economics student, Laidlaw Foundation

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Hi! I am a third-year English student at TCD. If I had to define my field of interest it would be words... How they are used to influence others and the way they shape us and the world we live in. My Research project focuses precisely on that: how the words that have been written over and over again in literature, and that we now recognise as the "literary canon", have influenced the view of those who are not part of this canon, or whose voices have not been heard.

In my free time you can find me writing, painting or wandering in nature. 

If you have any similar interests or if you want to know more about my research shoot me a text here on the network, I'd love to connect!

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Trinity College Dublin

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English Italian Romanian

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Art Martial Arts Music Reading Travelling Volunteering Writing/blogging

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"The Dangers of a Single Story"- Research Project

Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey through the twists and turns of my summer research, where I looked at the effect our (very questionable) Eurocentric literary canon has had on minority writers in children's literature.

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Leadership Arts & Humanities Scholars' Stories Research

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Trinity College Dublin

Recent Comments

Feb 27, 2024
Replying to Princess Agina

Your research project tackles an incredibly important issue with depth and insight. It's so vital to highlight how representation in children's books not only reflects our society but shapes the future perspectives of its readers. The fact that you're focusing on the power dynamics and narratives surrounding African American writers in children's literature adds a much-needed layer to the conversation on diversity and inclusion. Can't wait to see the impact your research will have on making children's literature a more inclusive space for all identities!

Thank you so much Princess! I really poured my heart into this research, so your comment means a lot. Hopefully, it will add to a much needed conversation on the type of narratives/entertainment we consume.


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