Oana Tasca (She/Her)

English and Economics student, Laidlaw Foundation

About Oana Tasca

Hi! I am a second-year English student at TCD. If I had to define my field of interest it would be words... How they are used to influence others and the way they shape us and the world we live in. My Research project focuses precisely on that: how the words that have been written over and over again in literature, and that we now recognise as the "literary canon", have influenced the view of those who were not part of these descriptions, or whose voices have not been heard.

I have participated in volunteering projects in the past that focused on art therapy for children and I want to implement the knowledge I have gained there into my future projects.

I am looking forward to exciting research that can make a difference! 

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Trinity College Dublin

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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English Italian Romanian

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Art Martial Arts Music Reading Travelling Volunteering Writing/blogging

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Arts & Humanities Research

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Trinity College Dublin