Princess Agina (She/Her)

Community and Project Management Executive, Laidlaw Foundation
Dr Corey Crossan

Research and Teaching Scholar, The Oxford Character Project

Sophia Waseem Khan

Undergraduate, Durham University

Hi! I'm Sophia, an aspiring scientist and philomath. I love learning about everything and anything and delight in spending time with people who are passionate about the things they love! I am really interested and curious about how we can use chemistry to improve processes and products to help society. For example, my research project is looking into the possibility of turning struvite, a mineral which is a by-product of waste-water treatment processes into slow-release nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers, which would be a green source nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers and help achieve goals of zero-waste.  If you are researching something similar or are interested in learning more about the project, please reach out! I am super happy to talk about the project and meet other who are doing something similar and possibly collaborate! 
Addy Shah

Student, Durham University

Wesley Wang

Graduate Student, MPhil in Sociology & Demography, University of Oxford

I am currently doing my MPhil in Sociology & Demography in the University of Oxford. My research interests lie in the intersection between genetics and social structures in the production of inequalities. 
Eliana Amoh

University Student, Cornell University

I am a sophomore at Cornell University where I am in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as a Global Development major. I am interested in youth socioeconomic mobility, social psychology, social structures, and cross-cultural dynamics. Across these disciplines, I am interested in youth economic migration with a focus on migration within and out of the African continent. I then want to use this knowledge and passion to better social institutions through evaluation. With prior experience volunteering as a leader in a camp to serving as a Diversity Ambassador for the Cornell Undergraduate Office, I am passionate about understanding youth from first-hand experience and perspectives. I aspire to pursue work in the international space and work with policy, administration, and/or law for an educational or youth development-centered intergovernmental organization. Video Introduction: 
I am a Microengineering student interested in 3D bioprinting of living tissue, wearable devices, electronic skin,  soft robotics and neural interfaces. 
Cristian Fortuna

Microengineering Student, EPFL

Keir Chauhan

Student, University College London

I am a History Undergraduate at University College London and a Laidlaw Scholar. My research project was on a conservation NGO in the UK and my follow-up worked with the American Bird Conservancy to produce a chapter for an upcoming eBook on People and Birds. I am interested in how to make our connections to nature stronger through Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work. I am fascinated by the power of being grounded in a place. That is the stories that we tell ourselves and the power of those narratives on how we act.