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Hi, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong. I have some research experiences in heritage imaging, genome engineering, nanoparticle drug carrier, and surgical augmented reality. And I am currently learning more about computational bio-molecule stimulation and screening model for further studies. I'd love to communicate, share, and build wholeheartedly about the past, present, and future stories.

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Apr 18, 2021

This is awesome! Miscommunication can easily be the greatest barrier to medical research translation.

Feb 22, 2021
Replying to James Buckley

Hi Sun, this is such a great informative article. I was wondering if you think these 3D printing processes could be scaled up and whether this is currently possible or will require further developments in the field? 

Hi James. Thanks for the question. Scaling is, without doubt, an important issue for the manufacture of 3D printing techniques. Yet I think to answer your questions from my understanding, there are no obvious technical difficulties for the relatively fast and convenient printing processes of drug tablets. Yet as a newly-emerged technique, the companies are still seeking partners to prepare for the initial commercial-scale manufacturing given the specific requirements for the manufacturing environment and 3D printers.

Many of those drug-printing techniques focused on rare diseases as they provide more flexibilities with lower cost. That, to some extent, may also be related to the fact that the newborn techniques are looking for a way to enter the market, even with some printed drugs approved by the FDA.

I found this article may be relevant to your comment and also check this out if you want to learn more about the printing techniques.

Lemme know your thoughts! :))

Feb 18, 2021

Also, let me know your thoughts on 3D printed drugs! what do you think of its future? Will future drugs all be printed?