Princess Agina (She/Her)

Community and Project Management Executive, Laidlaw Foundation
Amy Moore

Programme Director, The Laidlaw Foundation

Amy is the Programme Director of the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme. She works with universities, NGO’s, government departments, businesses and charity partners to manage and develop programmes which further the Laidlaw Foundation’s purpose – to reduce poverty and inequality by investing in the education of the underprivileged and underrepresented and to develop a new generation of diverse and ethical leaders.   Prior to joining the Laidlaw Foundation, Amy spent 9 years leading the US-UK Fulbright Scholarship Programme, working with students, academics, professionals, and teachers across every discipline. She has gained 15+ years working within Higher Education and is passionate about cultural exchange and the benefits it can bring to impactful research and solving global challenges. Prior to this, she led faculty-led programmes hosting US students in the UK and managed a busy student services. She studied American Studies at Sheffield University and University of Pittsburgh.   She has a wife, three young children, two dogs and a bearded dragon that collectively keep her very busy in her free time. Together (minus the dragon!) they enjoy camping in the South West of England and swimming in the sea.
Jessica Chukwu

student, Cambridge

Blanche Marisa Tobiko

International Business Student, University of Leeds

Hello! I'm Marisa, a student at the University of Leeds and a Laidlaw Scholar of the 2023 cohort passionate about Research and Leadership. While undertaking a degree in International Business I appreciate the essence of skilled research, data-driven decisions and most importantly integral and ethical leadership. I am honoured to be part of a community of trailblazers and looking forward to this journey of gaining invaluable lessons, making great memories and building strong networks with other scholars. 
Álvaro López-Acosta

Postdoctoral Researcher , Université de Strasbourg

They say you can't be an actor and a scientist. But what if the greatest role is leading the charge for change?  I'm a PhD chemist with a flair for the dramatic (and public speaking!). Research is my forte, but my passion lies in using science to create a positive impact. Academia's a great play, but I'm itching for a bigger stage. The Laidlaw Network? My backstage pass to a world of impactful leaders I can learn from.  Can I combine my love for science with the thrill of leadership? The curtain is about to rise on my next adventure. Let's connect! Countries I lived: 🇪🇸 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇹🇿 🇮🇱/🇵🇸 Passionate about ✈️ and 👨‍🔬. Love 🧳, 🎾,  🎭 and 🌐🇪🇺 interpreting.
Amirah Deji-Abiola

Former Scholar, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Hello everyone, I am a (graduated) Laidlaw scholar from the 2021/2022 cohort. I am very interested in African studies, linguistics and all forms of art and media. I am currently in my penultimate year at LSE, whilst undertaking a year abroad at Sciences Po in Reims to improve my French language skills. In my free time, I work as a freelance photographer whilst writing and editing for magazines.
Carmen Marleen Schliesser

Student, London Business School

Natalja Nassonova

Research & leadership scholar , University of Leeds

Hi everyone! I study Natural Sciences (Biochemistry and Nutrition) at the University of Leeds. My research project is about the structural changes in heart muscle cells in a condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy. I also completed a placement year at Hoffmann-La Roche working in early clinical research and data sciences. For my Leadership in Action project, I went to Mexico City to work on a sustainability project with make_sense. 
Aminata Sarah Roth

Project Manager, Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Ireland

I was part of Trinity College's 2020 cohort of the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research & Leadership scholarship. My research dealt with European lobbying regulations. I hold a BA in Political Science in 2022 and an MSc in Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh. My current academic interests include foreign affairs and eco-social policies. 
Alexi Foliadis

Economics and International Social and Public Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science

Arjan Madaher

Undergraduate Scholar, LSE

Sophia Waseem Khan

Undergraduate, Durham University

Hi! I'm Sophia, an aspiring scientist and philomath. I love learning about everything and anything and delight in spending time with people who are passionate about the things they love! I am really interested and curious about how we can use chemistry to improve processes and products to help society. For example, my research project is looking into the possibility of turning struvite, a mineral which is a by-product of waste-water treatment processes into slow-release nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers, which would be a green source nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers and help achieve goals of zero-waste.  If you are researching something similar or are interested in learning more about the project, please reach out! I am super happy to talk about the project and meet other who are doing something similar and possibly collaborate! 
Amanda Flanagan

Student , Trinity College

Nathaniel Beckett

Programme Manager, Mentora Foundation

I currently work as the Programme Manager of the Mentora Foundation's Campus Programme delivering MBA-style personal leadership training for emerging leaders in the US and UK. I'm responsible for end-to-end programme design and delivery, reporting directly to the Foundation's Director. I hold a Master's Degree from King's College London, specialising in National Security Strategy and Russian Foreign Policy. I'm an accomplished participant in leadership training programs like the Laidlaw Scholarship and Mentora Youth Changemaker Fellowship. I completed my Laidlaw Scholarship at the University of Leeds where I studied Ancient History and Philosophy. My research project was on what impact the UK's membership of the EU has had on the UK's foreign and defence policy.
Rachel O'Kelly

Student of philosophy, Trinity College Dublin

Hello, I’m Rachel and I am currently in Trinity College Dublin studying philosophy and religion. when I am not in college you will most likely find me on a basketball court. Playing, refereeing or coaching. I have been involved in sport for the majority of my life, from playing to coaching and refereeing in many different areas, including with the Special Olympics, Nationally and locally.  I am a qualified Healthcare Support Worker and have always had a passion for caring for the elderly in society. I have worked in nursing homes and enjoyed my time with the activities team! Off the court I love to hike and swim. I have walked along the Camino de Santiago over the past years, returning every year to walk more and volunteer in hostels along the way. Meeting incredible people from all over the world was an incredible time in my life learning not only about myself but other cultures as well.
chloe mcguirk

student, trinity college dublin

Ghita Amrani

Student , EPFL

Pianist, philomath and learning enthusiast. Tremendously interested in Robotics and its various applications.
Alannah Maxwell

Undergraduate student, Trinity College Dublin

I am currently an undergraduate PPES student at Trinity College Dublin. I have chosen the Joint Honours Pathway, specialising in Political Science and Sociology.  My research project for summer one, titled "Sporting Bonds: Can sporting programmes properly facilitate the meaningful integration of migrant and host communities in Ireland?", concerns the efficacy of community-led integrative programmes that use sport as a means of blurring inter-cultural barriers and bringing together diverse communities. I will be working with Sport Against Racism Ireland, an established Irish NGO that delivers various sporting programmes aimed at facilitating and implementing anti-discrimination practices in Irish communities.  In my spare time I enjoy playing football and basketball, reading, and wandering around taking photos of things I see. 
I am a Microengineering student interested in 3D bioprinting of living tissue, wearable devices, electronic skin,  soft robotics and neural interfaces. 
Rachel Clinton

Student of Sociology/Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin

Elhadj B Barry

Student-Researcher, Brown University