Mia Fulford

English and Art History Student, Undergraduate Research Scholar, University of Leeds
Dhillon Shenoy

Student, Durham University

Hi there! I'm a finalist English & History undergraduate at Durham looking for challenges and experiences that will enable me to network with a diverse range of people and learn more about the world. I had the pleasure of completing my Laidlaw Scholarship in 2023.
Janet Eniraiyetan

Student, University of Leeds

Farida Augustine

Undergraduate Researcher , University of Leeds

Hello! I am a penultimate year French and Politics student at the University of Leeds with the drive and tenacity to effect positive change on a global scale. My research focuses on identifying West African resistance fighters in the Second World War. I have also developed a keen interest in the Francophone world, French philosophy and Post-colonial Feminist security studies.
Abhayjeet Singh Sachal

Student Researcher, University of Toronto

My name is Abhay, and I'm in my 2nd year at the University of Toronto. I'm doing a double major in Global Health and Peace, Conflict & Justice with a minor in Indigenous Studies. My research topic relates to climate change and mental health. I'm hoping to study the impacts of climate change on the mental health of youth climate activists across Canada and then do the Leadership in Action track next summer to put some of the findings from this research into action! Beyond Laidlaw, I'm a huge hockey fan (and player) and also love playing the piano [if you want to check out my piano page]!  I host a podcast called Different Boat, Same Storm (that's all about kindling empathy during the pandemic) and run a nonprofit - Break The Divide - that's all about creating personal connections and fostering empathy.
Julia Silberman

student, Tufts University

I'm currently a senior, studying biochemistry. I'm excited to be working in the Kumar lab investigating chemical solutions to biological problems.  I aspire to perform research that is impactful and meaningful to individuals in their everyday lives. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing and hiking, as well as advocating for climate justice and civic engagement. 
Joe Linogao

Software Engineer, Akara Robotics

Hello! My name is Joe Linogao (he/him), and I am currently a Software Engineer at Akara Robotics and Engineering with Management graduate from Trinity College Dublin. I became a Laidlaw Scholar for TCD on April 2021 with my research proposal, "Automated Procedure for the Microbial Analysis of Contact Plates." As a mechanical engineer turned full-stack software engineer. I have a huge love for coding, creative UIs, video games, and music! 🦾 I'm an ambitious worker and a (very) fast learner ✍️ Previous experiences include; deep-learning and computer-vision research with the Laidlaw Foundation, software intern and cinematographer at Akara robotics, and dedicated robotics teacher for the NHS. I am always willing to hone my skills and learn other skills if need be. My hobbies include music and Dungeons & Dragons (like the absolute nerd I am). Regarding music, I've posted many songs (covers & originals) on outlets such as Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more (check out my website for more details)! Due to this, I also have plenty of experience with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Eamon O'Cathain

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hello! I'm an environmental science student at Trinity College Dublin. My primary area of interest is in Blue Carbon. My research project will analyse the organic carbon storage capacity of different vegetation types in an Irish salt marshes via a quantitative survey of a salt marsh in Balydoyle, Co. Dublin.  I will also compare the results of the commonly used Loss On Ignition protocol to the more high definition Elemental Analyser approach. 
Amena Jamil

Student , University of leeds

Hi everyone! I'm a Laidlaw scholar of the 2021 cohort currently on "The Global Capstone Project." My project consists of working in a group with 2 other amazing scholars to filter references, read texts and essentially produce an academic paper on the UN's sustainable development goals relating to higher education.
Katherine Fox

Sustainablity and Environmental Management Student , University of Leeds

Cherry Sylge

Chemistry Student, University of York

Hello! I am a third year student studying chemistry at the University of York.  For my research project, I'm interested in ring expansion cascade reactions and how we can effectively synthesise their starting materials.  I'm looking forward to becoming an effective leader who can make a positive impact in whatever industry I end up in, and inspire more women to pursue careers in STEM subjects.   I also love yoga, reading and art history.
Sophie Brandon

Student/ Laidlaw Scholar, University of York

Nori Otis

Student, University of Leeds

I'm a microbiology graduate interested in healthcare, conservation and medicine. My first year research project looked at soft corals and the shifts in their communities due to climate change across the Indo-Pacific. For my LIA I got to travel to remote Fiji with ThinkPacific were I discovered my love for community engagement and saw an entire new culture. Apart from academic interests I love cooking, going to the gym, doing art and learning :)
Reem ElKosseer

Student, University of Leeds

Niamh Adamson (she/her)

Undergraduate Scholar , University of Leeds

Hey :) I'm Niamh (she/her), I study Classical literature and Italian at the University of Leeds. My research focuses on mapping out the circulation of Italian literature between the eighteenth and nineteenth century in Leeds. During the research period I'll be collaborating with Leeds library, helping them catalogue the remainder of their Italian collection into their database. 
Holly Palmer (she/her)

Pharmacology student , University of Leeds

Hi everyone, I am a third year Laidlaw scholar studying Pharmacology at the University of Leeds. I am currently in the process of completing my placement year as regulatory strategist, developing innovative new therapies to transform the lives of patients with rare conditions at Pfizer. My research project focuses on the UN’s SDGs and the opportunity that students around the world have to collaborate with other universities to implement these goals into their final year capstone projects in attempt to combat educational inequality. I had the opportunity to travel to Fiji for my leadership in action. I stayed in an incredible village called Toga and lived with a family while the team built a health centre for the village and facilitated sessions around the importance of climate change with the Fijian youth. If you would like to hear more about my research, LIA or placement- please drop me a message!
Natalja Nassonova

Research & leadership scholar , University of Leeds

Hi everyone! I study Natural Sciences (Biochemistry and Nutrition) at the University of Leeds. My research project is about the structural changes in heart muscle cells in a condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy. I also completed a placement year at Hoffmann-La Roche working in early clinical research and data sciences. For my Leadership in Action project, I went to Mexico City to work on a sustainability project with make_sense. 
Eleanor Thurston (she/her)

BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management, University of Leeds

Hi! My name's El and I study BSc Sustainability and Environmental Science at the University of Leeds. I'm passionate about sustainability and my research with Laidlaw will be investigating healthy food habits in young people and identifying healthy food brands in the UK. Aside from that, I love art, volunteering and dance!
Kimberley Guy

B/Sc Adult Nursing , University of Leeds

Corey Jones

Laidlaw Research Scholar, University of Leeds

Hi! I'm Corey, a Final Year Digital Media student at the University of Leeds, expected to graduate in July 2024. I recently returned from my Year Abroad at the University of Rochester, where I spent the year discovering a passion for Graphic Design, furthering my interest within Media and understanding how design can be used to change the world for good. As part of my Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholarship, I co-authored a paper discussing the benefits of Transnational Education and Higher Education Institutions globally, in a paper titled "A Global Capstone Experience: Developing and Promoting Cultural Awareness and Educational Opportunities", I also participated in Leadership Development Training and spent Summer 2022 in Viti Levu, Fiji, as part of my Leadership-in-Action project, where I collectively constructed a Community Health Clinic and Facilitated the delivery of Youth Empowerment Workshops. I am actively looking for internships in Graphic Design, both in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the final aim to work in the Non-Profit and Advocacy moments by using Graphic Design to change the world for Good.
Holly Ullyott

Research Scholar/Student, University of Leeds

Aspiring astrophysicist, intrepid traveller, loosely lingual High in the sky with ambitions in conducting inspired research to help uncover cosmic mysteries, and launch something (me) to space. Will also travel the globe at a moment's notice.