Eamon O'Cathain

Student, Trinity College Dublin

About Eamon O'Cathain

Hello! I'm an environmental science student at Trinity College Dublin. My primary area of interest is in Blue Carbon. My research project will analyse to organic carbon storage capacity of Irish salt marshes via a quantitative survey of a salt marsh in Balydoyle, Co. Dublin. As a part of the project I will be analysing the differences in carbon storage between healthy, disturbed and recovering salt marsh areas and I will also compare the results of the commonly used Loss On Ignition protocol to the more high definition Elemental Analyser approach. 

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Scholar

Area of Expertise

Biomedical Sciences Environment Science

Research Topic

Environmental Geoscience

Laidlaw Cohort Year



Trinity College Dublin

I am from:

Ireland Sweden

I speak:

English Swedish

My hobbies/interests are:

Art Cooking/Baking Crafts & DIY Houseplants/gardening Nature & environment Outdoor sports Photography Podcasts Politics & current events Running/jogging Yoga

I am open to participating in mentoring/buddy programmes


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