Mia Fulford

English and Art History Student, Undergraduate Research Scholar, University of Leeds
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Charan Kandepalli

Student, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Kudirat Abiola

Student , London School of Economics

Carlota Bloch Varela

Student, University of St Andrews


Scholar, St Andrews

Ami Melville

English & Art History Student, University of St Andrews

Nuri Morad

Student, University of St Andrews

Elena Rico Hernando

Laidlaw Scholar, St Andrews

Finn Smyth

Modern History Student , University of St. Andrews

Hungwah Lam

Head of International Relations Department, Leiden University

Yunyan (Doris) Huang

Student, London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Sanjana Iyer

Student, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Lissette Lorenz

Doctoral Candidate, Cornell University

Gabriel Rowland

Student, University of Leeds

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Leeds studying BSc Environmental Science. I am particularly interested in climate change - the science behind it and its impacts, biodiversity and ecology, and sustainable development. I am also currently partaking in a Year in Industry placement at Network Rail working for the Environment and Sustainable Development team. My Laidlaw Research was on the reintroduction of beavers in Scotland, looking at attitudes towards them and trying to understand why they are illegally killed. This particularly interested me as it is vital to understand local opinions on wildlife to succeed in reintroductions and rewilding schemes. For my Laidlaw Leadership Development, I was lucky enough to spend a summer with Think Pacific on an Environment and Sustainable Development project in Fiji. Outside of work and study, I enjoy food (cooking and eating it), as well as sports like powerlifting (which allow me to eat lots without any negatives!), and exploring new places and nature sites.

Administrative Coordinator, Tufts University

Research and Academic Administration

Abhayjeet Singh Sachal

Student Researcher, University of Toronto

My name is Abhay, and I'm in my 2nd year at the University of Toronto. I'm doing a double major in Global Health and Peace, Conflict & Justice with a minor in Indigenous Studies.

My research topic relates to climate change and mental health. I'm hoping to study the impacts of climate change on the mental health of youth climate activists across Canada and then do the Leadership in Action track next summer to put some of the findings from this research into action!

Beyond Laidlaw, I'm a huge hockey fan (and player) and also love playing the piano [if you want to check out my piano page]!  I host a podcast called Different Boat, Same Storm (that's all about kindling empathy during the pandemic) and run a nonprofit - Break The Divide - that's all about creating personal connections and fostering empathy.

Molly Seaborn

Student, University of Leeds

Biological Sciences student with an interest in genetics and embryology. Passionate about fertility rights and activism. Currently on placement at Reckitt in Hull working as an analytical assistant in the R&D Category Team for Mucinex.
Asper Al-Shimi

Law Student, University of York

Hi everyone! I am Asper, a first year law student at the University of York and a 2022 Laidlaw Scholar. My research project is about the legacy of British Imperialism on nationality law in post-colonial territories and Jordan specifically. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to chat 💭🥰
Jacob Nesling

Laidlaw Scholar and LLB student, University of Leeds

I am a 2022 Laidlaw Scholar from the University of Leeds.  My research is all about commerical and insolvency law, testing the assumption that "the insolvency of the principal terminates the agency relationship whilst the insolvency of the agent terminates the relationship only if it makes him unfit to perform his duties".  Basically, how does an agent (e.g. the UK seller of Australian wine) running out of or being low on money effect contractual relationships.  

Technical bits aside, in my spare time I love to be active - particularly endurance sports. 

I am also an avid follower of UK and US politics, with an emphasis on constitutional affairs and defence/foreign policy.

I was fortunate enough to conduct academic research under the supervision of Stephen Gethins, former MP and Professor of Practice in International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Stephen introduced me to a truly fascinating yet often overlooked area of International Relations: sub-state and regional actors and their place in global politics. Through this, I have developed an interest in Scotland's place in the world as a nation without an independent foreign office, but as a nation with extensive international influence and a powerful global diaspora. This topic formed the basis of my Laidlaw project and future research.

Through my time studying International Relations the University of St Andrews, I have developed a keen interest in Terrorism Studies, identity politics, African international relations, foreign policy, and Postcolonial Theory (among other critical theories).

In my second year of university, I founded The Drew, an online student publication based in St Andrews which publishes articles on Scottish politics and culture. There was an unfortunate lack of Scottish issues being discussed in St Andrews (despite bearing the name of Scotland's patron saint and being home to Scotland's most ancient university), and so The Drew was set up to help foster more discussion. 

I am quite frankly a sucker for all things politics, history, and philosophy. Although an International Relations student first and foremost, I had the joy of studying Ancient History and Classics alongside my degree. If I were to ever win the lottery, you would find me endlessly cycling University, spending my remaining days studying Ancient History and Philosophy, Politics, Egyptology, Theology, Theoretical Physics and Maths, or whatever subject I develop an interest in down the line.

I am always down for a discussion and chat about my areas of interest - so never shy away from reaching out if we have any interests in common.