Mia Fulford

English and Art History Student, Undergraduate Research Scholar, University of Leeds
Deon Chan

Senior Programme Manager, HKU

Ben Oldham

Head of Global Opportunities, University of Leeds

It’s my role to oversee the portfolio of global opportunities and experiences available to students at the University of Leeds. These opportunities include our undergraduate leadership programmes that empower students to become active global citizens and future leaders. One of the most interesting parts of my roles is the chance to work with our local, regional and international partners. Working with people based all around the world on a daily basis broadens my perspective, exposes me to diverse cultures, and has enabled me to foster a global network. I am passionate about working with others to develop collaborations that provide the knowledge, skills, and experiences to prepare our students for leadership roles and contribute to positive change in the world. I am currently studying for the Leeds Executive Leadership Level 7 Apprenticeship. Undertaking the apprenticeship alongside my day job gives me the chance to enhance my leadership skills, understand the latest business theories, and apply them effectively to my work.
Triana Gil

Socio-environmental Innovation Consultant, makesense americas


Wen, The University of Hong Kong

Akankshi Vaishya

Student, London Business School

Claudine M Provencher

Director, Student Learning and Personal Development, LSE

Maja Anderson

Manager of Undergraduate Programs & International Experiences, Coordinator of the Laidlaw Program, Cornell University , Cornell University

Aditya Jindal

Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research Scholar, University of Leeds

Hello there! I'm Aditya Jindal here, an international undergraduate student at the University of Leeds pursuing my degree in Economics and Finance. My research project is based on cultural diversity with broader aspects of business and employability. My first summer is focused on a literature review and I'm excited about this new experience. I'm a big sports fan with a knack for playing Table Tennis, Basketball and Cricket in particular. You could also find me regularly sitting in a library studying Business, Psychology, German, or anything else. Always available to connect, feel free to contact me if you're interested in my research project or just want to talk in general.
Diama Basse

Student , EPFL

Andy Liao

Student, University of Toronto

Tasneem Begum Binte Mohd Mustapha

Politics and International Relations Student, LSE

Catherine Amburgey

Research Assistant, Purpose and Identity Process Lab

Hello! I am a Human Development major interested in translational research, specifically pertaining to educational settings and mentorship programs. As a Filipino-American, I am  passionate about focusing my research on my cultural identity and targeting gaps of knowledge within psychology in POC communities. My project involves the development of purpose workshops for educators and youth programs within Manila, Philippines. Would love to chat! 
Hazel Maris

Penultimate Year LLB Law Student, University of Leeds

Hi, I’m Hazel and I’m studying Law at the University of Leeds- this year i'm specialising in International Human Rights Law and Sustainability in Companies! I chose to study Law because, on top of it being an interdisciplinary and interesting subject, Law is a deeply flawed system in the United Kingdom and many other states. My passion involves analysing aspects of the law and how it represents historical prejudices; it’s up to our generation to replace such outdated structures for an adaptable representative model. My research project is called “Friendship as a Method” and ventured to understand how alternative learning styles help student engage with meaningful subjects, specifically centering around pedagogical research of colonial archives. I will take this further to reflexively investigate how the archive itself can be “decolonised” by documenting events in conjunction with indigenous voices into an online space. My research supervisor Professor Anna Grimaldi is helped me to travel to the Spanish and Portuguese national colonial archives to compare how different languages document colonialism. (If you are working with archives in any of these places please contact me and I would love to discuss our projects!)
Fatima Qureshi

Student, Undergraduate Researcher, University of Toronto

I am an undergraduate at the University of Toronto in the Mental Health Specialist Program.  I am passionate about mental health, clinical psychology, and social psychology. My research project looks explores the phenomenon of how far-right extremists groups are utilizing memes to spread their influence. I am specifically interested in what messages they are conveying and the dominant patterns present in the memes. My personal interests include: hydroponics (I have currently 29 plants in my room!), and spending time in nature (I love to go hiking with my friends).
Tarika Sodhi

Student, Laidlaw Scholar, Durham University

Matt Penhaligon

Global Leadership Programmes Officer, University of Leeds

Hi, my name is Matt and I am the Global Leadership Programmes Officer at the University of Leeds. I help to manage and run the Laidlaw programme at the university.
Joao Pedro Medeiros

Student, Tufts University

George Eilender

student, University of Toronto

Hey, I'm from New Jersey (unfortunately) and I'm studying math and philosophy at U of T. This summer, I'm conducting data science/social science research on online political communities, using right wing YouTube as a case study. I love cool science, AI ethics, dogs, chess and organizing. Hit me up if you want to work on anything together, or just if you want to chat :)
Adrianna Montgomery

Adult Nursing , University of Leeds

Hi, I am Adrianna and I am part of the 2023 Laidlaw cohort at the University of Leeds.  I am currently studying Adult Nursing. I am passionate about everything to do with nursing. There are many pathways that I will be able to explore throughout my career. However, currently I am mostly interested in genomics and would like to explore this further throughout my studies. I also have a huge passion for women’s health, especially for different ethnic groups to be able to provide education and break through the taboo barriers. Working as an adult nurse is challenging but satisfying. It is a vital role where you will make a real difference to people’s lives.  I am working on a pre-defined research project: ‘Evaluating Interdisciplinary 'Welcome, Induction, and Transitions' Support in the Undergraduate Curriculum.’ I will be working alongside academics and other students to understand the outcomes associated with successful transitions, using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I am excited for this project as I will be able to develop further knowledge outside of healthcare. The project allows us to build on leadership skills due to being student-led.   Outside of my studies I love to paint and have a huge passion to attend galleries & exhibitions. I enjoy spending time walking in nature and doing yoga. Also, I love to bake and find good places to eat with my family and friends.   If anyone has any interest in anything relating to myself, my course or the research project then please reach out 😊 
Alice Ferguson-O’Brien

Laidlaw Scholar (2023), University of Toronto

My name is Alice (she/her) and I have just finished my first year at the University of Toronto studying Cognitive Science, and Philosophy as a National Scholar. I am from a small province called Newfoundland and Labrador, but studied for two years at Pearson College UWC in Victoria, British Columbia. I am really passionate about mental illness - specifically about how our conception of mental illness shapes the way we treat people with mental illness in medical institutions, and in society. I am also very invested in the climate justice movement.