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BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management, University of Leeds
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About Eleanor Thurston (she/her)

Hi! My name's El and I study BSc Sustainability and Environmental Science at the University of Leeds. I'm passionate about sustainability and my research with Laidlaw will be investigating healthy food habits in young people and identifying healthy food brands in the UK. Aside from that, I love art, volunteering and dance!

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Politics Population Health Sustainability

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University of Leeds

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United Kingdom

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Art Dance Photography Volunteering Yoga

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This is so cool, I had no clue the Digital Library Initiative existed but it's such a great idea!

It's such an interesting research topic and I'm surprised by the result, I totally thought it would have a really clear and positive effect :0

Ahh your poster is so pretty!! Your research project sounds so interesting and has an overlap with mine - quite a few young people that I interviewed talked about delivery apps and the lack of nutritional info :o

Wow this is such an interesting read it sounds like you found out so much through your research!! 😲 Also your poster is so visually pleasing and easy to read, love it!

Comment on My Research Poster

Wow I love the presentation of your poster, so pretty!! The themes are way over my head but so interesting 🤩

That sounds like so much work I'm so impressed!! Love your poster and the layout, so clear and pretty 🤩

Wow I can barely begin to understand what you were researching but it sounds like it could have major implications for the understanding of this condition :o So impressive!!