Hazel Maris (She/Her)

Penultimate Year LLB Law Student, University of Leeds

About Hazel Maris

Hi, I’m Hazel and I’m studying Law at the University of Leeds- this year i'm specialising in International Human Rights Law and Sustainability in Companies!

I chose to study Law because, on top of it being an interdisciplinary and interesting subject, Law is a deeply flawed system in the United Kingdom and many other states. My passion involves analysing aspects of the law and how it represents historical prejudices; it’s up to our generation to replace such outdated structures for an adaptable representative model.

My research project is called “Friendship as a Method” and ventured to understand how alternative learning styles help student engage with meaningful subjects, specifically centering around pedagogical research of colonial archives. I will take this further to reflexively investigate how the archive itself can be “decolonised” by documenting events in conjunction with indigenous voices into an online space. My research supervisor Professor Anna Grimaldi is helped me to travel to the Spanish and Portuguese national colonial archives to compare how different languages document colonialism. (If you are working with archives in any of these places please contact me and I would love to discuss our projects!)

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


University of Leeds

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Society & Culture

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United Kingdom

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Art Cooking/Baking Cycling Hiking/walking Swimming

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