Cath Brislane

Subject Lead/ Undergraduate Scholar, University of York
Christalie Anor

Student , Tufts University

Anna Lelek

Researcher student , University of Durham

<p>I am a first year psychology student at the University of Durham. I am originally from Germany and have lived in New Jersey, USA, and Mumbai, India. I am very interested in social entrepreneurship and I am currently leading an Enactus project in Kenya aimed at reducing plastic and food waste. I am looking forward to my summer of research and being a part of the Laidlaw Network!</p>
Josh Rutland

Laidlaw Scholar, University of York

Isla Thomson

Undergraduate Student, University of York

Madigan Copley

Student, Durham University

I'm a third year studying History & Hispanic Studies (Spanish, Catalan, & Portuguese). My Laidlaw project is about the impact of informal British empire in Uruguay, where I spent part of my year abroad working in the National Historic Museum. In my spare time at university, I'm part of Durham's debating team and I'm a student ambassador for the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme.
Sarah Heptinstall

BSc Psychology Student, University of York

<p>I am a first year psychology undergraduate and I love the mind in all it's complexity. I am a mother of 3 children, ranging in age from 6 to 15. I was self-employed, successfully and solely running a barber shop for 6 years prior to starting university. I volunteer with HEY MIND as a peer support worker usually, for either teens or adults, but I am taking a break at present, in order to volunteer with SEED (an eating disorder charity) as an email buddy for a lady with anorexia.</p> <p>My upcoming research revolves around linking memory with internal experience: we think distractions like mind-wandering and intrusive thoughts will negatively affect how much we can remember!</p> <p>I am very much looking forward to getting started :)</p>
Rebekah Young

Student, University of York

Ellen Lavender

Scholar, University of York

Amanda Camplejohn

Senior People and Organisational Development Administrator, University of York

Cherry Sylge

Chemistry Student, University of York

<p>Hello! I am a first year student studying chemistry at the University of York.&nbsp;</p> <p>For my research project, I'm interested in whether ring enlargement cascade reactions can be used to make macrocycles relevant to pharmaceutical research and development.&nbsp;</p> <p>I'm looking forward to becoming an effective leader who can make a positive impact in the pharmaceutical industry, and inspire more women to pursue careers in STEM subjects.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>I also love triathlon, learning French and playing guitar.</p> <p></p>
Abijuru Antoinette

Student , University of Rwanda

<p>I'm chemist undergraduate student from UR-CST .Currently, I am conducting a research on how humic acid can be extracted from compost materials which are disposed at landfills .Humic acid is known to be used as soil amendment in soil with low organic matter but also to improve both quality of soil and production from agriculture sector.</p>
Maiko Sein

Student, Cornell University

<p>Hello! I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture at Cornell University. My home is Brooklyn, New York. I am interested in using architecture to tell stories and about people and place. I believe that through studying vernacular architecture, approaches on socio-economic and environmental problems that impact us today such as climate change, can be learned. I love cooking, drawing and writing. My favorite artists include Agnes Martin and Isamu Noguchi.&nbsp;</p>
Thi Bui

Undergraduate Student, Tufts University

<p>Hello fellow scholars!</p> <p>My name is Thi (pronounced like tea) and I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. I look forward to learning more about my research, which is about traumatic brain injury, and connecting with you all this summer!</p>
Jamie Maguire

Associate Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

Samuel Brill

Student, Tufts University

Abby Donaghue

Research Scholar, Tufts University

<p>I'm an undergraduate research scholar at Tufts University double majoring in Biopsychology and Child Studies &amp; Human Development. My passions for performing arts and for working with neurodiverse communities have led me to study arts education access for autistic students as a Laidlaw Scholar. I look forward to getting to know the Laidlaw community and all of your fascinating work!</p>
Shubhecchha Dhaurali

Student, Laidlaw Foundation

<p>Hello all! My name is Shubhecchha Dhaurali (pronounced Sue-betcha Dur-all-e). I am a <span>first-generation student originally from Nepal double-majoring in Community Health and Biology at Tufts University. My research is housed in the Tufts University School of Medicine with Dr. Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha who is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Medical School's Department of Community Health &amp; Medicine.&nbsp;</span></p>
Eva Macdonald

Student, Durham University

<p>Hello! I'm Eva, an history undergraduate from Durham University. My interests lie in uncovering often overlooked narratives within minority histories. My research project will focus on medieval race theories through the lens of the Hereford World Map.</p>
Cesar Urzua

Student, Tufts University

Suan Lee

Student, Columbia University