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Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I come from Northern Ireland, and am currently reading French and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. I'm interested in politics, philosophy, journalism, and new ideas - I find the old ones quite stale! 

Previously, I've worked in hospitality, as appears to be the trodden path for British students. Additionally, I have worked in logistics - a real eye-opener, given Brexit and its ramifications in Northern Ireland - and have done some adhoc Diversity and Inclusion for a legal firm in my hometown.

My research project for the summer of 2022 will be entitled "The Viability of Novel Identities in Response to Separatist Tensions: A Comparison of French Algeria and Northern Ireland."

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Humanities Languages Politics

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African Studies Anthropology European Social and Political Studies French Studies Literature Politics

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University of St Andrews

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United Kingdom

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English French German

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Badminton Chess Football (soccer) Foreign languages Gaming Music Politics & current events Reading Writing/blogging

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