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Hi there, my name is Patrick and I am a part of the 2022 cohort of Laidlaw scholars at Durham University. In Durham, I am currently in my 4th year of biosciences (Mbiol) which subsequently focuses on biology and cell biology. Finally, I have just finished an amazing experience with the Timothy Smith Network in Boston so if there are any questions regarding my subject or experience please don't be afraid to contact me!

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Durham University

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Biological Sciences Biomedical Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences Science

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United Kingdom

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Film & TV Hiking/walking Programming Running/jogging Travelling Volunteering

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Report Biomedical Sciences Biological Sciences

Laidlaw summer 1 report (Hr38 & memory)

Hi all, the following is my report for my summer project. It focuses on memory and learning, or more specifically trying to deduce whether a gene of interest, Hr38, is involved in memory and learning. I tried my best to explain each step of the project but feel free leave questions. Thanks!

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