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Chemistry and Physics Student, University of St Andrews
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About Samuel Allen

Primarily my studies are in physics, but I am undertaking research in synthetic and analytical inorganic chemistry. The aim of my project is to optimise the carbon dioxide adsorption behaviour (by optimising pore structure changes, gating effects and pore sizes) of merlinoite (zeolite) molecular sieves, for use in carbon capture in industry. This includes development of reliable synthetic routes for merlinoites and developing an analytical model for their kinetic adsorption behaviour.

The project will hopefully produce practical results which can be implemented to make gas purification in industrial processes, natural gas upgrading and waste processing more environmentally friendly.

My future research interests lie at the interface between physics and chemistry, particularly in solid state chemistry and in developing and using novel analytical techniques. I am interested in materials engineering, particularly within the energy sector, for example in carbon capture, nuclear fusion energy, and renewables.

Outside of studying and research, I have keen interests in writing fiction, amateur rocketry/aeronautics, cookery and philosophy. I also play tennis, football and chess.

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Chemistry Climate Change Material Science

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Badminton Chess Cooking/Baking Football (soccer) Foreign languages Music Politics & current events Reading Skiing Tennis Travelling Volunteering Writing/blogging

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