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About Sukriti Mathur

I am a Year 3 student at The University of Hong Kong and I am pursuing Biomedical Science as my major and Genetics as my minor. I like to keep up with the latest innovations and research in the biomedical field and aspire to be a researcher in the near future myself. As a Laidlaw Scholar, my research project will be focusing on developing a new cancer therapy delivery system by synthesizing and employing use of photosensitive, drug-carrying nanoparticles which can be triggered by light irradiation to accumulate in the esophageal tumor cells and release cancer drugs such as docetaxel. Prior to this project, I have had experience in working in a Neuromodulation Laboratory where I was part of a projecting testing the effects of hippocampal Deep Brain Stimulation and methionine drug administration on depression, anxiety and memory using animal models.

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