Jennifer Waters

Student, Laidlaw Scholars
Shane Coleman Macken

Auditor of the Dublin University History Society, School of English, Trinity College Dublin

I am an English Literature and History student in Trinity College Dublin. My research under the Laidlaw Programme regards Tony Kushner's 1991 play Angels in America, and its role in deconstructing the homogenous queer identity. This summer, I will carry out close textual analysis of the play, consult criticism of Kushner's work, and apply leading queer literary theorists' work to Angels in America. In Summer 2021, I hope to travel to the US to conduct a study of Kushner's work in diversifying understandings of what it means to be queer, and organise a theatre workshop of the play's key scenes. (he/him)
Michael Mitchell

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Sinéad McAteer

Student Midwife , Trinity College Dublin

I am a 3rd year Midwifery student at Trinity College Dublin. For my research project, I am investigating women's views on the need for birth reflection clinics/services for women who have experienced a traumatic event during childbirth within the Irish maternity services.
Aminata Sarah Roth

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Political Science student at Trinity College Dublin | From Graz, Austria | My research deals with lobbying regulation in the EU
Aaron Koay

PhD Scholar in Population Health & Human Factors | Pharmacist, Trinity College Dublin

I am a PhD Scholar in Population Health and Human Factors at Trinity College Dublin. For my PhD, I aim to explore household medication practices and safety vulnerabilities in lay people through the lens of systems thinking. I am also a qualified pharmacist in Ireland. I have a strong interest in global health, population health, health service research, preventive medicine, natural products, and sustainable development. For my Laidlaw research project, I investigated the therapeutic potential of a natural-occurring vitamin called ergothioneine, mostly found in mushrooms, on the development of idiopathic and bleomycin-induced lung scarring in lung cells. Beyond that, I have had extensive research experiences across multiple fields, including medical humanities, digital archival research, plant metabolomics, travel health and pharmacy practice. During my free time, you'll most likely find me practising yoga and meditation in my room! If you're interested to have a chat about anything, don't hesitate to drop a line! Look forward to hearing from you! :)
Beverly Genockey

Zoology Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am a third year Zoology student at Trinity College Dublin. My research project aims to determine the most abundant plant species in Dublin City and analyse their functional traits to make inferences about these species' suitability for use as nature-based solutions, which is a newly proposed concept for simultaneously regreening cities through the use of nature to combat socio-environmental and climate-related problems.
Jin Zhe Ang

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Ana Sainz de Murieta

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I’m a 3rd-year Theoretical Physics student at Trinity College Dublin. For my research project, I will analyse data from the Zwicky Transient Factory to establish a relation between supernova explosions and their host galaxies and determine a subsample of Type Ia Supernovae that will help us constrain the origin of dark energy.
Joel McKeever (He/Him)

Student Employability Officer, Trinity College Dublin

Joel is the Student Employability Officer and supports the development of Careers activities, in particular the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme, and the Trinity Employability Awards. He is a graduate of Trinity, receiving a B.A in English Studies and a Master in Arts from the University. Joel has been actively engaged in the campus community over the years, contributing to a variety of projects related to developing world quality support services for students, and advocating to ensure Trinity’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Prior to joining the Careers Service, Joel worked with the Office of Global Relations in introducing the Campus Visit and Global Room programmes, and in Academic Registry as Communications, HR and Admin Manager with a focus on improving the online and in-person student experience. Joel is the founder and former Chair (2016-2018) of Trinity’s LGBT Staff Network.
Lucija Sili

Pharmacy Student, Trinity College Dublin

I am an incoming MPharm student at Trinity College Dublin. From my entire Academic experience I have gained a clear, logical mind and a drive to see things through the completion. As an outgoing, energetic and charismatic student I seek to expand my social and professional network and engage with peers and experts alike. I am a well-rounded and self-aware person, always willing to meet new people from different backgrounds of the globe. I have a keen interest in pharmaceutics, accompanied with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.