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About Gwendoline

I'm a Philosophy and German student at St Andrews with interests in intersectionality, theory and community-oriented work. Presently, I am interested in colonialism in German public memory, Orientalism in literature and epistemic (in)justice. I would love to talk about ice hockey, ballet and gardening!

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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


University of St Andrews

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Ethics Gender Studies Identity & Belonging Immigration LGBTQ+ Literature Multiculturalism Philosophy Society & Culture

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Arts Diversity and Inclusion Humanities Languages Social Sciences

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Recent Comments

Jul 01, 2020

This sounds incredibly interesting! I can't wait to read this. Congrats on the publication and I love the bio! 

Jul 01, 2020

This is absolutely fantastic! I am also doing work on museums and their roles today and this is such an amazing avenue to pursue. Such a creative idea!

Jul 01, 2020

I really enjoyed reading about all of these projects! Can't wait to see them come to fruition!

Jul 01, 2020

I really enjoyed this! I'm also working on monuments and have come across many of the same questions. I love how you're working on a project 'outside' of your degree!

Jul 01, 2020

I enjoyed reading this a lot! I'm also a CD doing a history project and working with popular media; I admire your organisation with your sources (I unfortunately cannot say the same). I love that you've found both passion and purpose in your work - sounds like the perfect recipe!

Jun 26, 2020

I love this!

Jun 17, 2020

Very exciting!