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Simona Mezzina

Laidlaw Scholar, University of St Andrews
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Agoston Horanyi

Laidlaw Scholar, Durham University

Hullo! My main interest these days is Chinese tea culture and, with this research, I am wanting to explore the process of an active tradition invetion. Chinese tea ceremony as a singular entity does not exist and has never existed (at least not in the way it does, say, in Japan). Nonetheless, there is a strong notion for creating a uniquely Chinese approach to tea, an authentic Chinese tea ceremony. By way of looking into the ways how a historically non-existent tea tradition is being invented and tailored to the needs of current-day China, I hope to gain insight into current social, cultural, and political trends, which shape China’s contemporary and future profile. I will be analysing Chinese literary products, tea-related artefacts, religious & philosophical oeuvres, records of drinking fashions, etc., in order to investigate in what ways the Chinese government drives and supports a large-scale process of social engineering and global self-branding with the vehicle of tea.
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Valeriya Ryabchina

Laidlaw Scholar, University of St Andrews

I am a 4th year Financial Economics student. My Laidlaw project was in psychology of perception/psychophysics (my degree used to be Economics & Psychology before I switched to Financial Economics). The title of the project was 'Attention in 3 dimensions' and I was investigating the mechanism of selective attention in depth processing.
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Clara Défachel

Undergraduate student, University of St Andrews

Hi, I'm Clara, a final year Comparative Literature and Arabic student at St Andrews. I'm especially interested in (Francophone) postcolonial literature and translation studies in a world literature context.
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Lottie Emily Doherty

Student , University of St Andrews

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Laura Nebout

Laidlaw Scholar , University of St Andrews

Scholar from the 2018 St Andrews Laidlaw Cohort. My project was under the supervision of Prof. Sabine Hyland in the Department of Social Anthropology, and is entitled "Revolutionary Women in the indigenous revolt of 1783, Peru". I am currently looking into publication of my research findings, and will present them as a panellist at a conference in York in 2020.
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Anna Harris

Student, St Andrews University

I'm a third-year English student at the University of St Andrews! My primary research areas are Early Modern Literature and I am particularly interested in the intersection of religious beliefs and gender roles at that time. In my spare time, I'm a CV adviser with the University's careers centre and I manage the programming at St Andrews Radio - the only radio station in St Andrews!