Week 1 Reflection


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Week 1: 

What went well? 

My Scribe training and AFC orientation went very well. All of the staff that I met were very welcoming and the strong sense of community was obvious at AFC. I was able to learn how to write a History of Present Illness (HPI) and have any questions about this note answered along the way. 

What could have been done differently?

I did have a bit of trouble at first traveling to work. I was unsure what exactly the commute time would be and was unsure how long checking in would take. Next week, I will make sure to leave an ample amount of time for commuting so that I am not rushing to start on time. 

What did I learn about myself while working with others?

I learned that I enjoy working with a team, especially a team of healthcare professionals. I also learned that asking questions is an important part of my understanding and engagement with the scribing and medical terminology content. 

What did I learn about leadership?

I learned that, as a leader within the healthcare field, it is important to listen to the people you are caring for without any preconceived notions. Additionally, it is important to respect your team, especially if you want them to respect you. 

What do I want to develop or focus on next? 

I want to develop my scribing skills in less of a classroom setting and more in appointments to see how I perform in real-time with patients. 

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Go to the profile of Kate Bohigian
about 1 year ago

Awesome work Shagun, I hope to see you around Arlington Free Clinic this summer!