Don’t be afraid to stand up to people who are harming you.

Mina Fedor
Don’t be afraid to stand up to people who are harming you.

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Mina Fedor: “Don’t be afraid to stand up to people who are harming you. Don’t be afraid to speak out about things you feel are unjust and don’t be afraid to have opinions. You’re never too young for anything.”

Happy Children's Day! 🌟 As the 1st of June marked Children's Day, this week, we are featuring a quote from an inspiring young individual, Mina Fedor.

Mina Fedor (2009-) is a youngster who took action following the increased rise in anti-Asian violence amid the pandemic. An advocate for social change, she called out xenophobia at her school and later organised a rally to call out racism against Asian Americans.

The success of the rally led her to launch AAPI Youth Rising, a collective of middle school activists who are devoted to uplifting their community and stopping racist hate. AAPI Youth Rising has grown to be recognised nationally in the US. 

In 2022, Fedor was named a 'Uniter' by President Joe Biden at the United We Stand Summit. In the same year, she was in the Top 5 finalists for 2022 Time Kid of the Year published by Time Magazine. 

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